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Reports from the Bridge

Mid-February 2004

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Bob Bachman

The last several months I have been emphasizing fire safety and continuing on that theme we had Commodore Ron Holmwall from Everett Y. C. speak on boat fires at our February 2nd General Meeting. While he came fully prepared with a Power Point presentation, unfortunately, the computer gremlins got loose that night and gave him a bad time. In spite of the electronic difficulty he put on a wonderfully informative and enlightening program and I extend my gratitude to him for making the trip down. When he got home he didnít retire until he solved the bug. He gave me a CD of the program which I intended to post on our web site for everyone to view, read and benefit but, unfortunately, it was picked up from my table at the Saturday night dance at Heavy Weather. It is plainly marked as to content so if someone mistakenly took it would you put it in my box so I can post it for everyoneís use.

Along those same lines, the Club Store will soon be stocking small tubes of DE-OX, which is a corrosion inhibitor. This item costs only a few dollars and when applied to BOTH ends of your shore power cords after following the directions, it will help keep both your boat and our marina safe from the fires that have become so commonplace of late in our area. Remember, a little is good but a lot is not better as this material is an electrical conductor so be tidy in your application to prevent shorting across the plug or receptacle points.

One last item on fire safety, the fire main that runs along all the docks has been plagued with breaks in the last few weeks. The system is getting old and we are looking at replacing it in its entirety. If you see any obvious breaks in the line (water squirting where it shouldnít be) please notify the Fire Warden, Capt. Steve Stearns and the Vice Commodore immediately so it can be repaired. If you see water dripping from the hose bibs please let it be as this is done for freeze protection.

We are rapidly approaching that time of year when elections are the topic. Please give some serious thought to serving your club in areas where you can make a difference. The Nominating Committee has been selected and will be looking for candidates to run for the positions of Rear Commodore, Treasurer, Secretary and two positions on the Executive Committee. If you would like a challenge and enjoy the satisfying feeling from guiding, improving and moving your club forward into the 21st century then please see P/Cís Wheeler, Henry or Rumbold to express your desires.

As you know, this is our Diamond Jubilee Year - 75 years from humble beginnings to what we are today. We have an Anniversary Committee to plan events at certain times of this year and to give you some club history each month. We are looking for artifacts, news articles, pictures, virtually anything pertaining to our past that you would be willing to share with the Committee so that they may share them with the rest of the membership during this year. Please contact P/C Bob Wheeler or me if you have such memorabilia.

Heavy Weather

Well, our big event of the year has just concluded and by listening to the guests talk on the docks, we were a big success. Heard many times was talk of our hospitality, delicious meals and general willingness to help anyone with just about anything. Thank you members, what a great reputation for our club to have. Friday night kicked off with a delicious dinner of French dip sandwich, soup, salad and dessert served up by Capt. Al Gonsalez and crew. On Saturday night the festivities began with a knockout performance by the soon to be world famous Bremerton Y. C. Dockettes, well over a dozen of the best looking legs in the Grand 14, the Andrews Sisters, A.K.A. Kathy Thomas, Stephanie Marone and Denise Rosendale, and our very own WWII bugle boy, Capt. Mike Thomas. Altogether it was an outstanding performance. What a show opener! Our BYC Log Racers came away big winners again with P/C Leo Longnecker taking home the overall winner trophy and he, along with Capts. John Rosendale, Chuck Silvernail and Buddy Lilly/Dale Armstrong took the Heavy Weather Team Trophy. Congratulations go out to them and their navigators. While our Skit Team did a masterful job on their hilarious skit, the competition was tough this year and I think the winners may have been determined by who incurred the fewest penalties. Only the Judges know for certain. The coveted Rubber Clam Gun now resides in Gig Harbor for the next year. Our team of Capt. Betty and Paul Smith, P/C Jerry and Estelle Hamling, Capt. Jim and Tammy Markham, Social Man Mike & Billie Henry and P/C Art & Marty Morken are to be commended for keeping us holding our sides from laughter.

Sunday morning breakfast just keeps getting better every year, thanks to the now retired Capt. Dale Armstrong and the new H/W Galley Meister, Capt. Dave Cleator. I donít know how you and your crew do it. My plate was overflowing with various foods and I wasnít even near the end of the serving line. Great job! And making sure we all had clean and fresh set tables, along with making sure no one ran out of coffee, juice or milk, selling and taking tickets, and welcoming our guests with pleasant smiles were our very own Skipperettes. What would we do without you ladies? Also, not to be forgotten, our Junior Officers, the problem solvers for the weekend. So, to one and all of our members who helped to put this event into the history books, a monumental THANK YOU for a job WELL DONE!!!

One last item, our March 1st General Meeting will be a regular meeting beginning at 7:30. Our planned speaker had a last minute calendar conflict and had to withdraw. Please mark your calendars.

See you on the docks.

Bob Bachman

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Posted: 16 February 2004