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Reports from the Bridge

Mid-March 2004

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Bob Bachman

The first meeting in April brings with it the nominations for the opening elected positions in BYC. The Nominating Committee assures me they have a full slate of candidates for the coming year. It is always refreshing to see that people are willing to step up and render service in positions of leadership for their club. Whether it is an elected or appointed position or even duty on Work Parties, whatever you do surely will benefit your club in some way. Something for all of us to keep in mind when that tap on the shoulder comes and you are asked to help in some way.

The first meeting will also have an updated service points system to approve. This review was started at the beginning of the year when I asked four active P/C's to examine the present system to see if it was still current as to the distribution of service points. Many positions have grown in complexity and some have lessened. There are several new positions and many old and new are not listed in our Regulations. This measure will address that. Those actively seeking service points need to be aware of and review this document when approved.

If you look out your window you'll see that spring is about to burst upon us. With it comes all sorts of things boaters should look forward to. First is Tacoma Y.C.'s Daffodil Parade on the 16th,17th and 18th of April. BYC will be coming in force this year with somewhere around 18 boats, several motor homes and trailers and many cars. We are also planning a large support group in the Trivia Contest. What this translates to is - FUN and lots of it for everyone. TYC is putting on a big show Saturday night also. We are hoping for another big win for BYC thanks to the efforts of Capt. Jim Markham and his talented crew. Put it on your calendar.

We return from that to take care of some important business at home - the budget for next year. There are many big things planned for the future. Some are major repairs, some are upgrades and some are wish list items. Most of this is the direct result of much hard work this past year by members of our Planning Committee, very capably led by Capt. Doug Smith.

Visit the floats and you will see the Club has purchased concrete floats to replace our aging wood dingy floats. This change over will take place at the May 15th Work Party. PLEASE NOTE - if you have a dinghy on that dock it must be removed or make arrangements to have it removed before May 15th. We have no place to store those not removed and since more than six weeks notice will have been given those not moved will be considered abandoned. Dinghies are allowed to be kept there at the will of the Club as there is no fee charged for space used.

The last item is the big one for the boating Northwest - Opening Day at Seattle Y.C. on April 30th, May 1st and 2nd. If you've never been to this please consider it. BYC will be well represented as will all the clubs of the Grand 14.Three fine yacht clubs with free entertainment, dancing, ceremony, and great food served by all three, reasonably priced, boat and van shuttles between all and more boating folks in one area than you'll find at the Boat Show. Go once and you'll go again.

Next time you're at the club stop by and meet our new Manager, Jim Busse. Jim has extensive boating, retail and management background and would like to meet all of you.

Get your yard work done early - boating season is almost here.

Bob Bachman

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Posted: 19 March 2004