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Reports from the Bridge

17 May 2004


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Bob Bachman

"Time stands still for no one" as the saying goes. It is hard for me to believe that three years ago I was just elected to be your new Rear Commodore and now the time has arrived for me to pass the baton. I think back to that time , the uncertainties lying ahead and three years looked a long way off. As I was to discover, it was to be like rolling a snowball downhill. The farther down the hill, the faster it went, and, like the snowball, grew, as did the responsibilities, until, finally, you reach the bottom of that long hill to come to a rest, wait for Spring and melt away.

Well, my Spring is here, and in looking back, what a ride that hill was. An interesting thing was that I met all these other snowballs doing the same thing and by the time we reached the bottom of the hill, we had joined as one. This is perhaps, a bit cryptic for those never having gone through the chairs but you P/Cs will know exactly what I mean. The two things that I will never forget are the great strides the Club made in those three years and in the planned future years ahead. All of this I attribute to you, the members. It is solely due to your foresight, skill and hard work that this Club continues to grow, to improve and to remain the West Sound's premier Yacht Club. Secondly, it is the many fine friendships that were made by Gerri and I with some of the neatest people from all over the Northwest and Canada, from so many different walks of life, that, had we not been representatives of our Yacht Club, we probably would never have had occasion to cross paths. I am truly honored to have been able to represent you these last three years and sincerely hope that you feel I have served you well. My sole interest in running for office was to serve the Club and its members, to give back something for all that we have received. Please accept my gratitude for all who stepped forward to help by chairing and manning the many committees, to those who put in countless hours in the remodel of the galley, the scullery, the apartment and so many other areas of the Club and doing such fine, professional jobs. To the Skipperettes, who were always there to help, from day one to day last my warmest thank you, ladies.

To my Junior Officers, to the members of the Executive Committee and to my Seniors, the P/Cs, and particularly to my mentor, P/C Bill Rumbold, thank you for your support, the camaraderie and your friendship in both the good and the hard times.

And lastly, to my Executive Assistant, my Personal Secretary, my Go To person, my counselor, confidant and best friend, my wife Gerri. certain that the expression "Behind every successful man, there is a woman" was coined expressly for her and women like her.

Thank you all, the roll down that hill was exhilarating.

Bob Bachman

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Posted: 17 May 2004