Bremerton yacht club plus burgee

Report from the North Pole

1 December 2003

* * *
Santa Claus,
(North Pole YC)

HO, HO, HO! Merry Christmas! I don't know how I got talked into this situation, but your Rear Commodore is very persuasive. Somehow he got my phone number at the North Pole, and asked me to write his December column since it is the "Holiday Issue" of the Towline. He had some feeble excuse that he would be too busy with other projects….as if I don't have anything else to do during the month of December. I still have to get the Rudolph and the boys all groomed and vaccinated for the "big trip" on the evening of the 24th. You wouldn't believe all of the paperwork and medical certifications it takes to get the reindeer into all of the States, much less the different countries around the world. Oh well, here goes nothing.

First up, he wanted me to remind you all of the "decorate the club" day on Tuesday, the 2nd of December, starting about 10 o'clock in the morning….oops, I forgot, this is a yacht club article, that should read 1000. Anyone who has a desire to help is welcome, and if you have any greenery (cedar, fir, holly, etc.) please bring it with you. While there are some ladders at the club, if you have one at home, bring it too if you can. The plan is to "decorate 'till you drop", similar to the "shop 'till you drop" motto of too many folks during the holiday season. I'm told there will be something in the way of liquid refreshments and something more substantial for lunch to ward off the cold and/or rain. I look forward to seeing your handy work when I am in the area later in the month.

Next up is the party on Friday evening, the 5th, at 6 PM (1800), to decorate the Christmas Tree and finish up any last minute interior decorations of the clubhouse. Please bring an hors d'oeuvre to share with others attending. Again, I am told that liquid refreshment will be provided. With any luck, one of my elves (in disguise as a BYC member) may tickle the ivories to accompany a sing-along of Christmas music.

The Bremerton Yacht Club Children's Christmas Party is on Saturday, the 6th, from 1-3 PM (1300-1500) and I will be there, even if your Rear Commodore won't be in attendance, as I'm told he will be trying to get organized for the Lighted Boats Parades scheduled for the evenings of the 12th and 13th of December. The itinerary for both evenings can be reviewed on the BYC web site at: A sign-up sheet is posted on the club bulletin board, so be sure to sign up early. As in the past, there will be hot buttered rum in the club house after the Friday evening parade, thanks to Sylvia Wilson and her crew.

On behalf of Charlie and Sharon, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and the very happiest of
Holiday Seasons!
S. Claus
for R/C Charlie Billings

This column is shorter than normal, because I'm not as long winded as your R/C.

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Last revised: 30 November 2003