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Reports from the Bridge

19 October 2003

* * *
Charlie Billings
Rear Commodore

I commented last month on getting prepared for Fall's arrival and Winter's approach. If you haven't done so, it's not too late. Although, as I start this column on Thursday evening, the wind is showing 35 knots on my anemometer, and the rain is coming down in sheets. I'm glad I checked the boathouse and put out a couple more spring lines on the boat this afternoon. Today may just be a portent of the stormy weather yet to come, so lets make sure we are all prepared

First off this month, thanks to all of the members who showed up for the work party on the 18th and 19th of October. The weather was very cooperative, and the show of workers was wonderful. A lot was accomplished, and Capt. Don Sherwood's "to do list" was whittled down considerably.

A special thanks is in order for Capt. Rich Houchen who brought his boom truck to the club so we could get the YSP floats out of the water for the winter, as well as get the rotting, unsafe pier for the tide grid removed and taken to the dump. It was amazing to see how some of the pilings were actually rotten to the point that they could be pushed over by hand, and some of the pilings were only a foot or so deep in the mud.

Another special thanks goes to Capt. Ed Heuss who brought in his huge dump trailer for all of the debris to be taken to the land fill.

And a final really special thanks for duty "above and beyond the call" to Capt. Warren DeCamp who spent what must have felt like days instead of hours in the water up to his chest (without a wet suit or chest waders) attaching the boom truck cable to the debris so it could be lifted over the bulkhead and fence on to the truck. The apartment is almost ready for occupancy, and we should have an occupant shortly. If you didn't make it for this "work party", you'll have several more chances in the coming months. Just don't forget that the required work party time has been set at sixteen (16) hours again this year, so be sure to get your time in and make your wallet happy.

Capt. Dave and Jan Cordodore and Capt. Clyde and Pat Sanford have spent a lot of time this Summer and Fall ensuring the flowers were watered and tended, and it was with some disappointment that I learned that there are those around the club that use the flower boxes for ash trays, leaving the cigarette butts in the flower boxes when there is an ash tray close at hand. I would like to think it's visitors at various events, and not our own members, but thought it would be appropriate to mention it anyway. Should you witness such an event, please let the offender know it is unacceptable, in addition to being just plain bad manners.

Holiday Events:
It's also not too early to start thinking about the upcoming Holiday events in December, the first being getting the decorations up on the outside of the club. I'd like to get things started on Tuesday, December 2nd. If you have the time and desire to help out, give me a call. After decorating the Club House and Brow, we'll have the
Tree Trimming Party on Friday, December 5th, at 6:00 PM. Come one, come all, and partake of a casual evening decorating the tree, having some liquid refreshments, and enjoying the company of fellow BYC members and spouses. There is no cost for the evening, but please bring an hors d'oeuvre to share with the group. The Tree Trimming Party will be followed the next day by the BYC Children's Christmas Party. I have it on good authority that Santa will indeed be there.

I guess that's all for this month. See you 'round the club!

Charlie Billings
Rear Commodore

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