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Reports from the Bridge

16 October 2003

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Bob Bachman


Fall has arrived in its full splendor and fury. The trees are beautiful and we’ve lost power twice already. Maybe Mother Nature is getting it out of her system early this year instead of on Thanksgiving like in so many years past.

We started off October with a successful dinner meeting. Mr. Dick Hayes of Kitsap Transit was our guest speaker, his subject being the passenger ferries that would come into being if the .3% increase in the sales and car tabs tax passes the voters this upcoming election. He shared much information detailing what the increase means for Kitsap County if the

Roger Werner (SYC)
measure passes. It was an enlightening presentation.

November’ dinner meeting has Commodore Roger Werner of Seattle Y.C. as our speaker. The Commodore was one of the first on the scene at their disastrous fire 2 years ago. He will be addressing lessons learned, what to do and what not to do in the event of a fire, potential causes and more. The Commodore is an entertaining and engaging speaker whose information can help make BYC a safer place in respect to fire.

November 7th is New Members Night. This is the night when any member and their spouse, obligated since November 2002, are invited to come to an evening mixer as guests of BYC to enjoy delectable hors d’oeuvres and meet other club members. If you "older" members remember the fantastic job Capt. Steve and Laurie Stearns did last year, well, they’ve taken it on again this year and promise it will be even better. So, mark your calendars for this enjoyable evening.

Jumping ahead to December, be thinking about decorating your boat for the Special People Cruise on December 7th and on taking some of these folks out for a short cruise to see and talk to Santa. It will warm your heart to see how happy it makes them.

The following weekend is our Annual Lighted Boat Parade. This is our biggest community event of the year and the one that puts Bremerton Yacht Club on the lips of thousands throughout Central Kitsap. It is, by far, our best public relations program. You don’t have to have a big boat to participate as it’s very safe. For example, last year we had a decorated jet ski accompany us on Friday night.

I am happy to report that the apartment remodel should be done approximately the 1st of November and Capts. Lindbergh, Sherwood, et al, have done a beautiful job. Also, the search for a Facility Manager appears to be coming to a close. Your Executive Committee approved the candidate on October 8th and it goes to the membership for the vote on October 15th. More on this next month.

There are two new Standing Committee Chairmen you should note. Capt. Ron Morse is the new Railway Chairman, relieving Capt. Woody Woodworth and Capt. Jack Flood, relieving Capt. Bret Halffman as our Annual Chairman. Thank you, Woody and Bret, for jobs well done.

October was another busy month for our Membership Chairman, Capt. Chuck Silvernail. Obligating were Capts. Jerry Piotrowski, Ron Cleave, Tom Black, Jeff Mitchell, Jeanne Mitchell and Curtis George. Please make our new members feel welcome. Effective immediately, all work party hours and/or "special arrangements" for work party hours must be made through the Work Party Chairman. All past standing arrangements will need to be re-evaluated for this year.

Next time you fuel up, check out the face lift on the fuel pump and the new hoses and reels. More to come on the fuel dock in upcoming Towlines.

Gerri and I would like to take this time to wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving. It is a time for family, reflection, and to give thanks for what we have while trying to forget that the next day the crazy Christmas sales begin. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Bob Bachman

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