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Report from the Bridge

16 November 2003

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Bob Bachman

Now that everyone has had time to digest their Thanksgiving turkey itís time to look forward to what is probably our busiest month of the year - December. Starting the month off is the Childrens Christmas Party on the 6th, which is always a delight for the kids, little and big. The 7th is BYC's day to give back to our community by taking Kitsap County's mentally and physically challenged kids and adults for a short boat ride to see and talk to Santa. This day, for many, is the highlight of their year. Capt. Steve Stearns is chairing this event and, as in every year past we need all the boats BYC can muster. Every year our "people" number grows and Iím certain this year will be no different. Your boat doesnít have to be decorated, just available for a couple hours. If you havenít had the opportunity to participate in this event before give it a try. Give Steve Stearns a call and let him know youíll be joining in.

The following weekend, December 12 and 13, is the annual Lighted Boat parade. New members, hereís another chance to do something for the community and have fun doing it. Decorate your boat to suit your fancy and come sail with your club to the delight of thousands around the county. Many, many parties are planned around this night to watch the boats go by. It's safe, it's fun, and it's approximately three hours long each night. Last year, we had a decorated jet ski join in. If one of those can do it think how nice it would be on a nice warm boat. The boats will be judged again this year and plaques will be awarded to the winners. Following the Friday night cruise we have a hot buttered rum party in the club house to warm those who might have gotten cold ( like the jet ski). Invite your friends along and have a good time.

The following day, the 14th, is our annual Christmas Dinner. This is the time of the year when your Bridge, Executive Committee and Staff Officers get to show off their cooking prowess. Actually, itís our spouses who put on this fine dinner and we wait tables and do the dishes. This is usually a sellout, so sign up early. Check the flyer in this Towline for details and come join your BYC family for Christmas dinner.

Now, after all these mind boggling events you can go Christmas shopping. In comparison, I think our get togethers are easier and a lot more fun but then, I am a guy, and I don't like shopping. I prefer 'missions'.

Well, Whodat Construction has outdone themselves. The Facility Manager's apartment is finished and looks great. If you remember what the old apartment looked like and get the chance to see it now, itís like night and day. Capts. Jerry Lindbergh and Don Sherwood and many, many club members are to be congratulated for a job extremely WELL DONE!!

Also, Capt. Mike Knight and his committee of P/C Bill Rumbold, and Capts. Roger Horne and Ron Morse took our new BYC tax assessment increase of 47%, yes 47% and managed to get it whittled down to just under 14%, which is about what many of our members assessments have been coming in at. So when you see them, wish them a Merry Christmas because they sure gave BYC one. And they did it in only a matter of weeks. Another very WELL DONE!! This committee, Whodat Construction and all the other committees are what make our club so special.

Gerri and I hope you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving and wish to extend to one and all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Bob Bachman

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Last revised: 16 November 2003