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Towline Articles for May 2003
Towline Editor: Harry Davis []
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Table of Contents:

  1. Bill Rumbold, Commodore
  2. Bob Bachman, Vice Commodore
  3. Rod Perryman, Rear Commodore
  4. Charles Billings, Secretary
  5. Budget Request for the Youth Program 
  6. Float Committee Report
  7. Skipperettes
  8. The Fleet Captain's Locker
  9. Regatta For Sail
  10. Regatta for Power
  11. Opening Day Boat Entry Announcement 
  12. From your WebTeam 
  13. BYC Corrosion Control 
  14. Now Hear This! 

Reports from the Bridge

Commodore Bill Rumbold: 
Two and a half years have zipped by and this will be my last Towline column as a bridge officer. It is amazing how fast time can fly when you are doing something interesting yet challenging. Yes, being your RC, VC and now as the Commodore has been both interesting and challenging, as well as very busy. It has been very much like my time in the Navy as a Public Works Officer at shore installations -- each day brought new events and you never knew who would be on the other end of the telephone with a problem. Meetings, social events, cruises, log races, Grand XIV events, and all the other million things take a lot of time, but Lynne and I enjoyed it - immensely! This past year has been filled with accomplishments, but it was only through the efforts of the VC, RC, Exec-Comm and all the committee chairs and their members that the tasks got done. If I tried to thank everyone I would fill this Towline and I would miss many well deserving members. The dedication of the members of BYC is what continues to impress me and makes this club strong and financially sound. Thank you all for your hard work and support throughout the years.

I know Vice Commodore Bob Bachman is working hard to find chairmen for the multitude of committees that are essential to the life of this club. When he or the future Vice Commodore ask for your help, step forward and accept the responsibility. They need your support.

Don't forget to attend our Installation Ceremony on May 16th. The night when the club throws out the old and welcomes in the new. Come out and honor our new Commodore, bridge officers, Executive Committee and all the new appointees.

For those that missed Daffodil Weekend at Tacoma (and we could have used a lot more help putting the float together) you missed a grand event. Captain Woody Woodworth and his small band of workers put together what I called a Las Vegas billboard. It was 16' high and 40' long with animation, pyrotechnics and strobes. A sight to behold! Best of all, they brought home the Mayors Trophy! "WELL DONE WOODY!"

Photos: Sylvia Wilson

Fair Winds
Captain Harry Davis, on Fair Winds  (yes a sailboat was the decorated flagship) was all decorated with daffodils and flew the huge Holiday Flag from the Battleship Missouri from his mast. What an inspiring sight! Thanks Harry for the use of Fair Winds

Later, Paula Davis and Ellen Zimmerman took a big bunch of the daffodils to Crista Shores and the Washington Veterans Home at Retsil and presented them on behalf of BYC. A very nice touch ladies and thanks a lot for the kind consideration for those folks.

Our Caretakers, Barry and Linda Boroughs, have submitted their resignation effective the end of May. Thank you Barry and Linda for your dedicated service and may your new endeavors and new house be all that you are looking for. The Bremerton Yacht Club wishes you a Bon Voyage!

I want to thank you, Bob Bachman, not as the Vice Commodore or as a bridge officer, but as a friend for all the support you have provided to me over the past couple of years. You have been my confidant and sounding board on many more occasions than you possibly can imagine. I truly valued your advice, your good humor and being able to put up with me always giving you the "dirty details." I hope that I can now be your sounding board and assist you like you did me. Bob, you are ready to take over! I stand ready to be relieved.

One more person is most deserving of my heartfelt thanks. My firstmate, soulmate, mother of our daughters and wife of nearly forty years - Lynne. I know I forget to introduce you sometimes, but not intentionally. You have really been the "woman behind the man" in this case. You have provided me support through the chairs and as you well know, I would not have taken on this responsibility without your commitment. Thanks!!

I am proud to have served as your Commodore. Thank you everyone for your dedication and support.

Bill Rumbold

Vice Commodore Bob Bachman:

April began with Skippers Night hosted by our Skipperettes on the 2nd. It was a relaxing, delicious sit down dinner served by our spouses and followed by enjoyable entertainment. Thank you, ladies. You are truly the jewels in the BYC crown. In addition, I came home with a brand new apron with my name on it. Seems I was bestowed the honor of Skupperette and what a delightful surprise it was. Commodore Bill Rumbold and Capt. Bill Baker also have new aprons. Congratulations, guys! Maybe we'll all get our own set of Playtex gloves for Fathers Day. 

Next came Daffodil, oh boy, Daffodil! As I said last month, we had made room in our trophy case and true to course, our team brought home the Mayors Cup. Kudos and a tip of the hat to Chairman Woody Woodworth and First Mate Sharon, Capt. Doug and Pam Smith, P/C Gary and Jo Carr, Capt. Roger and Blanch Horne, Capt. Allan and Marian Fox and Capt. Mike and Kathy Thomas and to all others who came by to lend a hand and help us bring home this trophy. Well done, everyone!!

April 25th was our Captain Ron Social chaired by Capt. Bret Halffman. Since we go to press on the 18th, news on this and the Sunday breakfast on the 27th will be reported on next month.

May 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th is Opening Day in Seattle. If you would like to see yachting ceremony and spectacle, have the opportunity to be shuttled between Queen City, Tyee and Seattle Yacht Clubs to partake of their dining room menus and club hospitality, parties, dancing and fellowship on our boats and others, and then finish the weekend with a huge boat parade with fireboats, tugs, classic boats, decorated boats, et al, then plan to come to Opening Day! I can't believe I got that all into one sentence. 

On May 9th is BYC's Oscar Night. This year it will be a potluck beginning at 6:30 with the awards to begin at 7:30. As we've come to expect, our Commodore has a few good ones up his sleeve. Plan to attend the evening to honor those whose service has done much to make our club what it is today. [Report]

May 11th is Mothers Day. The club will be honoring those special ladies in our lives with a breakfast in their honor. So, members, bring your wives, mothers, and grandmothers to breakfast for on this day breakfast for them is on BYC.

On the 16th of May Commodore Bill Rumbold adds two little letters to his title - EX. Yes, it's time for our annual Installation of Officers. Poulsbo Yacht Clubs' Bridge will, as in the past, be here along with the Chief of Old Man IV, to assist in our Change of Watch. Hors d'oeuvres will be served at 6:30, Change of Watch to begin at 7:00 and an abbreviated general meeting to follow. After the meeting the Officers will hoist their flags on their boats and host an open house on each. Two years ago this date seemed a long way off for me and now it's here. Time truly flies, but I am looking forward to this next year, but, more on that next month.

The 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th is the Memorial Day Cruise to Oro Bay. This year we will be paying a special tribute to the men and women in the armed services and especially for those fallen warriors who gave their all for the price of freedom. See the flyer in this issue and in the lounge.

So, as you can see, May is indeed a busy month with something going on every weekend as we start to prepare for the summer break. Mark your calendars - be an ACTIVE member of YOUR club. See you on the docks! 

Bob Bachman
Vice Commodore

Rear Commodore Rod Perryman:

Hi there boating fans. With all this wacky spring weather we are having, then summer can't be too far off.  It must be boat waxing, painting, and varnishing time.  Aren't we supposed to take these boats away from the dock and travel somewhere once in a while? Well,  perhaps some other time.

Speaking of painting and varnishing.  Your club could use some.   A golden opportunity would be May 17 & 18, the " LAST WORK PARTY OF THE YEAR".  For those of you not having completed your work party hours this is the last opportunity to do so. Sign up as soon as you see the sign up list appear in the club lounge.  It helps the Work party Chairman, Capt. Don Sherwood get things organized .

As a reminder,  you are obligated to 16 hours of work party this year. BYC Regulation, section F, Paragraph 6.e, requires payment for unperformed work party time at the rate of $40./hour.  Hope to see you there.  As usual, there will be a nice lunch provided by the Skipperettes.  I can't think of a better way to spend the weekend than helping to beautify our club.  

That's all from me now, see you on the water, some time.

Rod Perryman
Rear Commodore


Comments from the Secretary

Highlights from the Executive Committee Meeting of 14 April 2003

- Mr. James Markham was elected to membership.
- A newly revised instruction sheet for the pressure washer/waste water system has been posted in the winch house at the railway.
- A preliminary BYC Corrosion Control Team plan was presented by Capt. Gorski and will be presented to the general membership at the 5 May General Meeting.
- Requests for use of the club hall by P/C Bill Burwell, Capt. John Burwell and Capt. Mike Murray were approved.
- Capt. Doug Smith presented a "Planning Road Map" that included Purpose, Vision (through our 100th year, 2029), Capital Improvement Plan Objective, and Goals.
- Gig Harbor YC, in conjunction with Rainier YC, request to use club facilities for their annual cruise to Bremerton over the Memorial Day Weekend was approved.
- P/C Mike Henry submitted a revision to the By-Laws to support establishment of a Marina Self Insurance Account.
- A letter of withdrawal of membership from Capt. Bob Tibbits was read, and approved.
- A letter of resignation from the Club Caretakers effective the end of May was read and approved. A 90 day Plan of Action for replacement of the caretakers was presented by the Commodore.
- A letter from P/C Mike Henry proposing co-sponsorship with POYC of a "South Sound Predicted Log Race" was read. Capt. Rosendale proposed changes to the Oro Bay Outstation Float Regulations to support P/C Henry's proposal. MSP to take the Regulation change to the general membership for approval.

Capt. Charlie Billings


BYC Funds Requested for Youth Sailing Program

Our Youth Sailing Program is requesting $15,000 for the purchase of seven (7) sailing dinghies, including building material for two (2) 10'X20' dinghy docks and storage racks for the boats. Per BYC Bylaws, any request for funds exceeding $10,000 (that was not included on the annual budget approved by the membership) must be presented to the membership, published in the Towline, and presented to the membership again prior to a vote on the request. If approved, the funds for this program will be disbursed from this fiscal year's operating budget.

Capt. Joe Payne, Sail Regatta Chair, provided a presentation on the program at the 17 March general meeting. This article constitutes the written notification to the membership. A vote on this request will be held at the next general membership meeting on 07 April 2003.

A display outlining the program (including course curriculum, schedule, proposed boats, proposed dock location, staffing requirements, and operating budget) is set up in the BYC Main Ballroom. In addition to the Youth Sailing Program, these boats will be available for check out by club members, use during club functions (Oro Bay, etc.), youth and adult sail competition, etc. Additional information on the program is also included in this Towline. Please review this material and stop by the club for a look at the display.

March Float Committee Report

Slips awarded 
Open Slip # 246 to Capt. Louden
Open Slip # 442 to Capt. Acers
Open Slip # 444 to Capt. Baker

Slips available for bid
Boathouse Slip # 117 34X17 Contingent on sale of Boathouse. Contact Vern Downs for info. 
Open Slip # 262 Maximum length 45 feet.
Open Slip # 448 Maximum length 45 feet.
Open Slip # 462 Maximum length 45 feet.
The width of the slip is determined by the adjoining vessel. It is the members responsibility to determine if their vessel will safely fit the requested slip.

A.30.c(10) The total length of any vessel occupying an open slip is to include all its gear and any attached equipment including anchors, bow pulpits, swim platforms, and dinghies. It is the responsibility of the owner/member to be certain their vessel will fit the requested or assigned space.

The next Float Meeting is scheduled for thursday May, 15 at 1900.

Jim Picinich
Chairman, Float Committee

FROM:  Skipperettes
In March and April Skipperettes welcomed into membership Sharon Woodworth, wife of Capt. Woody Woodworth, Pam Smith, wife of Capt. Doug Smith, Rochelle Bright, wife of Capt. Don Bright, and Jan Cordodor, wife of new member Capt. David Cordodor.

At our March dinner three BYC members received the honor of "Skupperette". Joining the ranks were Commodore Bill Rumbold, Vice Commodore Bob Bachman, and Captain Bill Baker. Congratulations guys!

May 8th, Women?s Interclub Council (WIC) will be held at BYC. We will be hosting the ladies from seven of the Grand Fourteen yacht clubs. The club will be "going Mexican" in celebration of our Cinco De Mayo theme. Our honored Skupperettes will be servers for the day. 

Elections were held and the new officers for 2003-04 are:

  • President, Sandy Baker
  • Vice President, Lynne Rumbold
  • Secretary, Sharon Leedy
  • Corresponding Secretary, Linda Ritter
  • Treasurer, Doreen Marshall
Our installation will be held on Wed. June 4, 6:30 pm social, 7 pm installation. We would like to extend an invitation to all BYC members and their wives to attend.

Gerri Bachman, 
President Skipperettes

Regatta for Sail

Capt. Joe Payne
Sail Regatta Chairman

Regatta for Power May 2003
Four BYC skippers went down to South Sound to run the Gig Harbor Yacht Club Invitational on March 22nd, with a course that went around Fox Island with two trips through the Tacoma Narrows. The race was run with lots of current, which made for some very interesting scores. There were 20 boats entered, and no one was under 2 %, in fact, only half the field was under 4 %. Two BYC skippers did trophy as follows:
2nd Class 2 - P/C Leo Longenecker on Reality Check with an error of 4.0505 %.
1st Overall - Jack Hensley on Jubilee with an error of 2.0676 %.

The Eagle Harbor Predicted Log Race, put on by Queen City and Seattle Yacht Clubs, was held on Saturday, April 5, out of Queen City Yacht Club's out station in Eagle Harbor. The 23.9 nautical mile course was around Bainbridge Island and started and finished just outside Eagle Harbor. We had 7 BYC skippers of the 31 entered, and with 30 knot Southerly winds that afternoon it made the trip from Point Monroe to Eagle Harbor a little bit of a challenge. The following BYC skippers did trophy:
1st Class 1 - Chuck Silvernail on Solmar with an error of 1.3149 %.
2nd Class 1 - Tex Dominy on After 5 with an error of 2.4525 %.
3rd Class 1 - Owen Ritter on Outbound with an error of 3.5771 %.
2nd Class 2 - P/C Leo Longenecker on Reality Check with an error of 1.3521 %.
1st Class 3 - P/C Mike Henry on Peachy Keen with an error of 1.2602 %.

The next IPBA North contest is the Poulsbo/Rainier Yacht Clubs log race out of Poulsbo Yacht Club on Saturday, May 10th. The course is 19.5 nautical miles long and will start at the Poulsbo Yacht Club and run through Liberty Bay, down Port Orchard Channel and back, and finish off of Key Port. There will be a Saturday night steak fry, and a Mothers Day Sunday breakfast as part of the weekend. We will have a skull session on the course and currents at the BYC clubhouse on Tuesday, May 6th at 1900. If you need a copy of the log check the box by the clubhouse store.

Sunday, May 18th will be the BYC Ladies Day Log race in which the ladies lay out the contest, and skipper the boat during the race, and we just go along for the ride. This is always a fun time, and will be followed by a potluck dinner in the clubhouse. Pick up a copy of the race at the box by the clubhouse store


Jack Hensley
Regatta Chairman for Power

"OFF TO THE RACES" at Opening Day, May 3.

That's the theme for this year's celebration over in Seattle. Sounds simple enough that we ought to be able to easily decorate one sailboat and one powerboat for entry into the Opening Day parade. A well known BYC float designer par excellence has indicated interest in helping with the hard part (that would be the thinking part). What we need now are the boats to be decorated for entry in the Decorated Sail and Decorated Powerboat classes. If you volunteer yours, our hosts, Queen City YC, always try to provide reserved slips for boats entered in the parade; sure beats being on the outer end of a seven boat raft off the dock. Capt Ray Norton has volunteered to be the BYC entry in the Dressed Powerboat class. It would be really nice to compliment that entry by having a BYC entry in the Dressed Sailboat class, as well. Other classes open to club entries are the Novelty Decorated, Classic Power and Classic Sail. Equally as important is the need for enough people to crew the BYC entries. Maybe we can even provide transportation to QCYC and back for those willing to crew but not wanting to take their boats over. If you?ve got a boat you want to show off or disguise with decorations, let me know. I can be reached at or at 360-377-6639. P/C Mike Henry Boat Entry Organizer


BYC is developing a corrosion control program with the hope that we can avoid or minimize damage to the underwater areas of the boats in our marina. Mr. Bob Ajerman will be at BYC on Monday, April 21, 2003. Bob is the author of ?BOAT & YACHT CORROSION CONTROL? and has considerable experience in the field of corrosion control in boats and yachts. 

Prior to the General Meeting (19:00 hours to 19:30 hours) Bob will provide general comments on corrosion problems in marinas. 

If you are interested in a quick overview of corrosion control, you should be in your chair in the ballroom at 19:00 hours. If you have any questions, please call Capt. Mike Leedy, 373-6038.

From: your WebTeam

The BYC Webteam is always looking for all kinds of contributions and new ideas: From artwork (to help spruce up the web page), to photos of recent or historical events or sights, to travel or committee reports. Any information which would make life easier for new members would be most welcome.

Also, we would like to remind all members that we are looking for volunteers for working on the web page or particular parts of it. If you would be interested in learning more about HTML or how to setup and modify web pages, contact We are also looking for people that might be interested in scanning or typing in some of the paper history of BYC suitable for web access or other electronic storage of the club history.

If you like messing around with the computer, this can be a nice way to earn points.  It is also a lot cleaner work than scrapping barnacles... 

Finally, do not forget to check the web page regularly for upcoming events. Again, if you want to add something (however small or short) to the web page, contact the Webteam via the web page or directly via Email ( We've received some very favorable comments, and we want to keep it that way by making sure the web page is current and relevant to members of the community. 

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