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Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: Heavy Weather Weekend
When: Friday, February 16, 2024 to Sunday, February 18, 2024

Name Type
Andrew Ales Visitor Guest
Matt Ales Visitor
James Anderson Visitor
Linda Anderson Visitor Guest
Brian Bekeny Member
Dina Bekeny Spouse/Partner
Dave Bender Visitor
Judy Bender Visitor Guest
Tony Bernett Member
Melissa Bolt Spouse/Partner
Rob Bolt Member
Leon Borden Visitor
Aaron Bredeson Visitor
Lisa Bredeson Visitor Guest
Karen Burnworth Visitor Guest
Larry Burnworth Visitor Guest
John Burwell Member
Nina Burwell Spouse/Partner
Kenneth Chappel Visitor
James (J.R.) Collier Another member
Rick Demere Visitor
Carol Dorsey Visitor Guest
John Dorsey Visitor
Peggy Sue Drury Visitor
Rick Drury Visitor Guest
Abbie Dunn Member
Michael Dunn Spouse/Partner
Bonnie Edwards Visitor Guest
Molly Ells Member
Dean Ervin Member
Ted Ewing Visitor Guest
Dane Fantz Member
Terry Fantz Spouse/Partner
Marilyn Furbee Visitor Guest
Lori Garguile Guest (non-member)
Kendra Glacken Visitor Guest
Brian Glassley Visitor
Connie Glassley Visitor Guest
Albert Gonzalez Another member
David Gonzalez Spouse/Partner
Debbie Gonzalez Member
Janene Gonzalez Member
Joanne Gonzalez Member
Robert Grice Member
Joe Guizzetti Visitor
Bridget Hasty Visitor
Mitch Hasty Visitor Guest
Billie Henry Spouse/Partner
Mike Henry Member
Christin Herinckx Visitor Guest
Mark Herinckx Visitor
Dawn Hernandez Visitor Guest
James Hernandez Visitor
Simon Hernandez Visitor Guest
Simon guest Hernandez Visitor Guest
Dani Hixon Visitor Guest
Joe Hixon Visitor Guest
Frank Howard Guest (non-member)
Bob Kappek Visitor
Adam Klett Visitor
Amanda Klett Visitor Guest
James Korzetz Visitor
Brian Kulbeth Spouse/Partner
Carmela Kulbeth Member
Renee Kutter Visitor Guest
Todd Kutter Visitor
Carolie Larson Visitor Guest
Donald Larson Visitor
Ron Larson Visitor
Carol Lawson Spouse/Partner
Eric Lawson Member
Phillip LeBas Member
Susan LeBas Spouse/Partner
Lori Long Visitor Guest
Michelle Luckie Visitor
Tim Luckie Visitor Guest
Satch Ludington Member
Costi Mahshi Visitor
Judy McKay Visitor Guest
Bob Miller Another member
Debbie Miller Member
Jim Minard Member
Pamela Mortensen Spouse/Partner
Rick Mortensen Member
Mack Myers Visitor
Mark Myers Visitor
Hether Nelson Visitor
Paul Nelson Visitor Guest
LaZina Nethkin Visitor Guest
Martin Nethkin Visitor
Kim Nolte Visitor Guest
Rick Nolte Visitor
Hillary Obenchain Spouse/Partner
Thomas Obenchain Member
Linda OReilly Visitor Guest
Terry OReilly Visitor
Russ Oslon Visitor
Nichole Ray Visitor
Yolanda Robali-Orozco Visitor Guest
Lisa Ross-Thurmond Visitor Guest
Lynne Rumbold Member
George Sauer Visitor
Tina Sauer Visitor Guest
Mike Schiller Member
Vee Schiller Spouse/Partner
Mary Schmidtke Visitor Guest
Stanley Schmidtke Visitor
Deb Seger Visitor Guest
John Seger Visitor
Debbie Sengstock Member
Scott Sengstock Spouse/Partner
Chuck Silvernail Spouse/Partner
Lenora Tanaka Visitor
Richard Taylor Visitor
Amy Thomas Visitor Guest
Ken Thomas Visitor
Mike Thompson Visitor
JoAnn Tolentino Visitor
Joseph Tolentino Visitor Guest
John Van Dyke Spouse/Partner
Rosemary Van Dyke Member
James VanAntwerp Member
Marilyn Vancrey Spouse/Partner
Cheryl VanGeystel Member
Robert VanGeystel Another member
Bob Watson Visitor
Val Watson Visitor Guest
Gretchen Werner Visitor Guest
Matt Werner Visitor Guest
Laura Whetsel Spouse/Partner
Brett Williams Visitor Guest
Chase Winterroth Visitor
Kahler Wise Visitor
Berry Zimmerman 1 Visitor Guest
Berry Zimmerman 2 Visitor