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Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: Heavy Weather Weekend
When: Friday, February 17, 2023 to Sunday, February 19, 2023

Name Type
Debbie Ales Visitor Guest
Matt Ales Visitor
Angela Anderson Member
Jim Anderson Visitor
Linda Anderson Visitor Guest
Dixie Bernett Spouse/Partner
Tony Bernett Member
Christine Boirum Visitor
Ralph Boirum Visitor Guest
Lisa Bredeson Visitor Guest
R/C Aaron Bredeson Visitor
Renee Brooks Visitor Guest
Tom Brooks Visitor
John Burwell Member
Nina Burwell Spouse/Partner
Keith Bystrom Visitor
Mark Camp Spouse/Partner
Sally Camp Member
Dave Casey Visitor Guest
Laura Casey Visitor Guest
Guest 1 Chappel Visitor Guest
Guest 2 Chappel Visitor Guest
Ken Chappel Visitor
Rick Demere Visitor
R/C Peggy Drury Visitor
R/C Peggy Sue Drury Visitor
Dean Ervin Spouse/Partner
Jennifer Greer Visitor
Janet Grimley Visitor
Billie Henry Spouse/Partner
Mike Henry Member
Braydon Hughes Visitor Guest
Braydon 2 Hughes Visitor Guest
Leslie Kodish Visitor Guest
Steve Kodish Visitor Guest
Jim Korzetz Visitor
Don Larson Visitor
Patty Lehman Visitor Guest
Lori Long Visitor Guest
Michelle Luckie Visitor Guest
Tim Luckie Visitor
Marcie Martin Spouse/Partner
TJ Martin Member
Brian McGuire Guest (non-member)
Stephanie McGuire Guest (non-member)
Bob Miller Spouse/Partner
Debbie Miller Member
Mike Milligan Visitor Guest
V/C Carissa Milligan Visitor
Kenneth Nelson Member
Michele Nelson Spouse/Partner
Hillary Obenchain Spouse/Partner
Thomas Obenchain Member
COM Mark Owen Visitor
Anna Pedersen Member
Carrie Prater Guest (non-member)
Reed Prater Guest (non-member)
Tom Ripley Visitor
Yolanda Robali Visitor Guest
Tina Sauer Visitor Guest
V/C George Sauer Visitor
COM Scott Schoneman Visitor
Lisa Schoneman Visitor Guest
Bonnie Shaffer Visitor Guest
Jim Shaffer Visitor
Margaret Simester Visitor Guest
Steve Simester Visitor Guest
COM Richard Taylor Visitor
Todd Thorsen Guest (non-member)
Nicholas Valladarez Visitor
Steve Wall Visitor Guest
Libby Wallace Visitor Guest
Laura Whetsel Spouse/Partner
Tim Whetsel Member
Cindy Williams Guest (non-member)
Jeff Winslow Visitor Guest