by Dottie Risch

  • Presidents of Skipperettes 1938-1995

  • History of Skipperettes: Part V


    Louise Oliver was President; Betty Metcalf, Vice President; Ester Laird, Recording Secretary; Corresponding Secretary Jane Hipp; Jeanne Arps, Treasurer. Juanita Armstrong was the Decorating Chairman and reported a need for flower vases.
    This was the year the momentous decision to purchase a cash box to be used to receive monies at luncheons, desserts and any event when money is taken Dr. Foster donated $60.00 to Skipperettes in memory of his wife, Jonnie, who had been an active member. Some of us here today remember her well.
    The Interclub luncheons have gone up to $6.50 but are well attended.
    At the October meeting, Harvey Hudson spoke on the Origin of Harveys Hot Buttered Rum Mix. The product is still being made and sold here in Bremerton.
    Clair Burwell, Galley Chairman, reported large cooking items were missing from the galley. Also suggested purchasing different wine glasses to replace the plastic ones that the stems drop off of.
    Difficulty finding a permanent Knotical News Editor. Discussed changing to just a flyer in the men's Towline.
    February's meeting was canceled due to snow and icy roads.
    A great many By-Law changes were suggested and implemented during the year that reflect the By-Laws of today.
    Skippers' Night was a great success with 100 people attending.
    Skipperettes still busy with Christmas and Easter Parties for the children, Special Peoples Cruise and Heavy Weather Weekend duties.

    Into the 90's we have:

    Betty Metcalf, President; Verna Lilly, Vice President; Betty Tucker, Recording Secretary; Ann Ducker, Corresponding Secretary; Jeanne Arps, Treasurer,
    Juanita Armstorng gave a descriptive presentation of their 3 and1/2 month sailing trip on "Sunshine".
    The Historian's camera is still missing -do camera's have legs? November we had the WIC Interclub Luncheon -Hawaiian theme, food and dancer -a great way to warm November's chill!
    Christmas Party brought us a Holiday Musical by Company vocal quartet from Bremerton Community Theater.
    Marilyn Morris was introduced and obligated.
    February's program was a display of old cookbooks brought in by members. One was an 1898 edition.
    The Children's Easter Party and Skipper's Night were hi-lights in March and April.
    We had a nostalgic tour of Alice Carrmichael's home in Tracyton, decorated with antiques and specially reproduced embossed tin ceiling, Italian marble fireplace mantel, turned stair banisters. Former location of the Tracyton Hotel. This was a much enjoyed tour.

    Installation of Officers for 1991- 1992: President, Verna Li1ly; Vice President, Pat Downs; Recording Secretary, Jane Hipp; Corresponding Secretary, Ian Shannon; Treasurer, Helen Deardorf.


    First fund raiser in a long time -had a Silver Jewelry sale in October.
    November Betty Metcalf delighted everyone with her amusing anecdotes of a Thanksgiving theme.
    Interclub Luncheon theme -Night Before Christmas.
    Larry Meehan and Dick Stevenson were nominated for Skupperettes.
    The program for the February meeting was Porcelain Dolls.
    Ivy Miller brought her collection of antique glass for us to enjoy, telling us a little about were she found them and the history about the items.
    April was a busy month: Skipper's Night The Board of Directors Quartet for entertainment.
    The theme for the Interclub luncheon was " Around the World" May is Past Presidents and Mothers Day luncheon -15 Past Presidents were present.
    Jeanne Lindquist took over office of Recording Secretary.


    A new Year and with it a "change of the watch". Pat Downs -President; Dottie Risch - V. President; Jeanne Lindquist -Recording Secretary; Ian Shannon -Corresponding Secretary; Marijo Hudson -Treasurer.

    A back drop and skirt for the tables for the men' s meetings were made at the request of the Skippers. This magic was accomplished by Pat Downs and Ms. Sylvia Wilson (new member).

    Dorothy McCotter-Fryar was the first winner of our Lettuce Bowl drawing. This item was added to our meeting agenda under Good & Welfare this year. Also started Door Prizes to enhance our coffers.
    Board Meetings are reestablished.
    New pins and Revised By-Laws book were available.
    The Christmas Auction brought in $181.00 and $100.00 was given to the Food Bank.
    Donated money to the Skippers to be used in the remodeling of the north Ladies Head.
    Harry Risch was selected as a Skupperette and was given the prestigious apron.
    Ruth Wilson joined Skipperettes and Nancy Ellis won the Lettuce Bowl in April.


    A new regime moves in: President, Dottie Risch; Vice President, Nancy Ellis; Recording Secretary, Jerry Dick; Corresponding Secretary, Jan Shannon; Treasurer, Marijo Hudson.
    Familiarization of the galley and a demonstration of its appliances was the program for one of the meeting and seemed to have been well received.
    The making of Identifying Vests for Heavy Weather Volunteers was spearheaded by Mary Ellen Zimmerman and Juanita Armstrong. Other worker sewing bees were Eleanor Barr, Helen Bynum, Doris Libby.

    Jo Carr and Flo Floyd were the Knotical News Editors -often asked for news articles from the members.
    Pat Downs presented Nyla Walsh with a Plaque of Appreciation for her achievement and honor brought to us all when she served as President of Interclub.
    The Children's Christmas Party was enjoyed by 53 children, parents and grandparents (no tally as to the exact count of the last two groups).
    Free soup and chili lunch was served Saturday of Heavy Weather.
    Judy Earsley had made a Nautical Theme Quilt for which chances were sold during Heavy Weather Weekend and the Crab Feed in March. The winner to be announced at the Crab Feed. The lucky one was a lady from Rainier Yacht Club.
    We hosted a Friday Night Social -it was a St. Patrick's Day theme.
    39 members attended the March Luncheon and Spring was in the air -colorful bouquets were on each table and a short poem from the book Everyone Needs Someone. Thanks to Juanita Armstrong.
    Cliff Lillybridge was elected as our Skupperette of the year.
    A suggestion was made to put the birthday month and day by each members name in our annual.
    Kathie Harless won the Lettuce Bowl in April.
    Inasmuch as the President flew the coup (to Pensacola i.e.) The May luncheon was ably presided over by Vice President Nancy Ellis.
    Another active year for Skipperettes -June was Installation and so a new set of faces will greet us in September.


    Nancy Ellis is at the Helm, Estelle Hamling -Vice President; Arlene Gorski -Recording Secretary; Gladys Engebretson -Corresponding Secretary and Sharren Stevenson - Treasurer.
    Commodore Wheeler spoke about his background and mentioned some of the things we could do to help the Skippers -many were events we were already involved in such as Heavy Weather, Special Peoples Cruise, Children's Parties, etc. Oct. we had a very interesting program by artist Joan Meisner. She spoke and described life in Saudi Arabia.
    Had a request from a student at North Kitsap High asking us for a donation to further his education. We regretted we could not help him.
    Voted to purchase bread and butter plates to go with existing china.
    Our Christmas Party was an Auction and we netted $507.00. The 1959 Barbie Doll from Target was won by Sue Longenecker. The real winners were Skipperettes and the Bell Ringers.
    Children's Christmas Party was well attended by 55 children who brought adult guests-
    We hosted the Christmas WIC Luncheon -102 from other clubs attended.
    Jo and Flo are still the Editors of the Knotical News and did fine job of it.
    Busy with Men's Work Parties, Heavy Weather, and Easter Party for the children.
    St. Patrick's Day Social will be hosted by the Skipperettes again -seems this is becoming an annual affair.
    Dan Robinson from Elandan Gardens was a guest speaker in January. Gave $299.00 to Charity.
    Lewie Morris was our Skupperette for this year.
    Had a Style Show on Skipper's Night.
    Margaret Lust and her Eggery Hobby was the program for our May Luncheon. Beautiful art work is shown on the eggs she displayed.

    The above, written entirely by Dotty Risch, was typed by Sylvia Wilson, scanned and edited by P/C Bob Wheeler, BYC Historian (Jan '04) and edited for the Web and posted (with permission of the author) by the WebTeam (gk).

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