by Dottie Risch

  • Presidents of Skipperettes 1938-1995

  • History of Skipperettes: Part IV


    Peggy Castle was President and it was a busy year- We enjoyed luncheons at four other Yacht Clubs, and we entertained a WIC Luncheon.
    Virginia Edwards was elected President of WIC for 1977.
    A Wine Tasting and Spaghetti Dinner honored our Skippers.
    Work parties were held throughout the year for the two money making projects -a Bazaar and Rummage Sale.
    Postage was raised on mailing out the Knotical News and our luncheons went from $1.00 to $1.50.
    Ann Haven and Beryle Woodard are working on a Skipperette History Scrap Book.
    A large work party was held to wash, iron and rehang Club drapes. Ladies Day Race winners were Helen Hunt -1st, June Spalding -2nd and Jan Newkirk - 3rd.
    Big purchases were a typewriter, a briefcase for the President, a duplicating machine and for the galley - a can opener.
    Items missing from the galley -- two dust pans!! Will this pilfering never end?


    Barbara Skellys' year.
    Since the Bazaar enriched our treasury by $1600. Last year another one is in the planning -work parties were set up and other Yacht Clubs were invited to join us on Bazaar Day.
    The Ladies Day Race had an added attraction - the Skippers prepared; lunch for US!! -
    and the winners were: Marty Morken -1 st, Jackie Phillips -2nd and Jan Newkirk 3rd Eddie Adams was a big hit as the Auctioneer at one of our meetings -equally so was Art Mosley with his magic show -on Skippers Night.
    Art and Marty Morken were chosen as Boating Family of the Year.
    Again we were privileged to help the Skippers during Heavy Weather Weekend!
    Skippers' gift - an ice maker -.
    Jim Hill donated a super Santa Claus suit.
    First Christmas Party for children and grandchildren of members was held. Jackie Phillips, Shirley Solmon and Ardyce Olsen were in charge.


    This is Joan Vehrs year to Skipper the good Ship, Skipperettes.
    After many discussions last year and this, new drapes were made and installed by the Skipperettes with input and approval of the Skippers.
    Skippers' Night was our 40th Birthday and Eddie Adams gave a brief history of the auxiliary.
    A Hilarious Hat show was the program for the Mothers' Day/Past Presidents' luncheon. The hats were fashioned by Jackie Phillips and Cindy Olson. Models were Jan Newkirk, Gerry Wilhelm and Betty Johnson.
    The By-Laws were revised.
    Bazaar work shops were held throughout the months. When the Bazaar was held, Poulsbo, Port Orchard and Alderbrook joined us.
    The Childrens' Christmas Party was put on again.
    Our Knotical News first sheet was upgraded to a red, white and blue masthead, as we know it today.
    Now the History Scrap Book that Ann Haven and Beryle Woodard had been working on for months was presented. A job well done.
    The Skippers' Christmas Gift this year was a pancake batter dispenser.
    Busy Little Boaters, aren't we!

    1979- 1980:

    Due to the By-Law revision, Joan Vehrs will stay in Office until June -thus changing our year June to June -instead of January to January.
    The Childrens' Christmas Party was a huge success again. Gene Nelson (Mayor at the time) was Master of Ceremonies and Eddie Adams a most effective and loveable Santa.
    Members were requested to make reservations for luncheons and dessert meetings to determine the amount of food prepared more accurately.
    Skippers' Night program was a slide show of the old Club House, cruises and parties presented by Ann and Hob Haven and Elsie and Bob Fickeison.
    A potluck for departing caretakers Maire and Tom Freil was held after P/C Sail Boat Races.
    The Childrens' Easter Party is an annual event now.
    Mothers' Day/Past Presidents Luncheon featured a fashion show from Kahns --Dixie Wright narrator, Jackie Philips, Sharon Lillybridge, Jan Sellars, George Solmon and Roger Phillips as models.
    A recommendation was made for WIC dues to go from $5.00 to $7.50. June of 1979 we held our Installation and Evelyn O'Beirne became our President.
    September was busy planning for our Bazaar in October and the Christmas Interclub Luncheon Dec. 12.
    Reminders to fill bags of ice to replace what one removes were put in the T owline and Knotical News.
    Ladies Day Race plaques were to be presented at Installation. Past Presidents gifts were voted out.
    Purchased an address-o-graph machine.
    Declined joining Port Orchard at Bazaar time.
    122 attended the WIC Christmas Luncheon.
    A large refrigerator with sliding doors was the Skippers' gift this year.


    June Spalding is our leader.
    Elsie Fickeisen suggested we publish cookbooks this year. Believe me that was a year long project.
    Jerry Dick and Shirley Solmon started exercise classes twice a week.
    Juanita Armstrong (our Birthday Girl) joined Skipperettes, along with Nyla Walsh and Dixie Gilbert.
    The Childrens' Easter and Christmas Parties are definitely annual affairs now.
    Skipperettes decided to make their Christmas exchange gifts this year. A Ships' Bell was presented to the Skippers this year with a macrame pull by Hank Kuhlman.


    A White Elephant sale was suggested to help pay for the printing of the cookbooks. This is more than one year's project. Helping with Heavy Weather Weekend and lunches for Mens' Work Party days is an every year commitment for Skipperettes.
    Interclub luncheons were attended thru out the year - Wave Toppers dropped WIC and Gig Harbor joined. We entertained WIC in April.
    Art Morken was chosen as Skupperette.
    At the Past Presidents' Luncheon Zelma Hill was presented her Life Membership.
    No Ladies Day races this year, lack of interest.
    Two interesting programs were Nyla Walsh and her stained glass demonstration and a fencing demonstration put on by Olympic College.

    1983 -1984:

    Ladies Day Race this year included sail boats:
    Results for sail were: Mary Banks -1 st, Faith Reirson -2nd, Nyla Walsh -3rd.
    For Power: Dottie Risch -lst, Jerry Dick -2nd, Elsie Fickeisen -3rd.

    Note on earlier purchase of microwave oven -and I quote, " the men promised to build it in during galley remodeling this year" -Jan. 4' 1984!
    Past President's Dinner was held in October.
    Mother's Day Luncheon - 43 members, 13 quests. Program from Irene's School of Dance.

    1984 -1985:

    The head of this elite organization is now Eleanor Barr.
    New bookkeeping system was voted in -a more accurate "one-write" system by Safeguard, Suzanne Williamson and Joan Vehrs installed the new system.
    Jerry Dick was in charge of the Boat Shed Sale which was successful.
    We're still selling cook books.
    It was suggested by our President that at Heavy Weather Breakfast the guests serve themselves.
    Purchases were two dozen pitchers and Bug Control devices.
    There was a shopping excursion in November (this proved to be a winner!).
    A reminder to members that a reservation made must be paid for unless canceled in time.
    Dottie Risch resigned as Treasurer and Pat Downs was elected to fill the position.
    Jerry Dick asked for money-raiser suggestions.
    Galley linens to be taken to City Hand Laundry.
    Boating Safety was stressed by Nyla Walsh and she reminded us of a seminar in 1986.

    Ladies Day Race results: Elsie Fickeisen -1st, Billie Henry -2nd, Judy Earsley -3rd, Jerry Dick -4th.
    Betsy Too, Helen and Ralph Smith's boat was the float in the 1984 Daffodil Regatta in Tacoma.
    Two interesting programs were Katie Proteau's Belleck Ware ( Porcelain ware) and the history of P.S.N.S. by Louise Rek and her husband.

    1985 -1986:

    Irene Belt is President -followed by Vice President Alyson Smalley, Recording Secretary Nona Lansbeny, Corresponding Secretary Verna Lilly and Treasurer Sharon Lillybridge.
    From the Presidents' notes we learn (that at) the first meeting in Sept members told of summer cruise experiences.
    Gave money in Grady Barrantine's name to cancer fund.
    Joan Vehrs and Suzanne Williamson again audited the Skipperettes books.
    Elsie Fickeisen was given her life membership along with Sharon Lively. Sent aluminum cans to recycle center. .
    Salmon Bake dinner was Sept. 15th.
    Camera was purchased for Historian to take important pictures for our history.
    Also (purchased was) a microphone for meetings so everyone is able to hear whoever is speaking.

    1986- 1987:

    Under Dora Doll's regime the annual dues were raised to $7.00. Luncheon meetings were raised to $3.00 and dessert meetings to $2.00.
    A "Surprise" Raflle a Month was started.
    Shirley Chase put together a Theater evening for Skipperettes and BYC. Had a potluck and then all went to see "Guys and Dolls". This was really a great evening- The WIC Luncheon at Poulsbo was attended and the Skipperettes went by boat: It's Ours (Lilly's boat), Yankee Doodle (Metcalfs boat) and Raindance (Stansberry's boat). The ladies drew tickets for the boat they were to ride on.
    The Skipperettes decided not to exchange gifts this year but to give gifts to the Alive Shelter.
    Children's Christmas Party, Heavy Weather Weekend and the Children's Easter Party were held as usual, along with Men' s Work Party weekends.
    Other officers serving with Darla were Jean Dominy, Vice President; Betty Metcalf, Treasurer; Rosalia Meehan, Recording Secretary; Sandy McKay, Corresponding Secretary.
    WIC was represented in Seattles' Opening Day Parade to honor its 30th Anniversary.
    Also in honor of WIC's Anniversary, a no-host luncheon was attended by all 14 clubs at Sea-Tac Red Lion Inn.
    (Special Note) Whales were of interest and concern ten years ago. We had a speaker from the San Juan Research Center. He gave a slide presentation and speech.

    1987- 1988:

    This was the year a personalized parking space was provided for the Skipperette President by Commodore Harry Risch and the Executive Board.
    Jean Dominy was President; Nona Lansberry, Vice President; Betty Metcalf, Treasurer; Florence Lindstron, Recording Secretary; Sandy McKay, Corresponding Secretary.
    Skipperettes were eligible to submit the name of a Past President to start thru the Chairs in WIC.
    Shirley Chase continued to be the Bremerton Community Theater Liaison.
    Men's Work Parties were held as usual as were the Children's Christmas and Easter Parties.
    Raflles at every meeting still seem to be successful as fund raisers- Aluminum cans are being collected and turned in for cash.
    The Christmas Gift Exchange limit is $10.00.
    1988 was the Golden Jubilee Year for Skipperettes.
    Nyla Walsh was chosen to serve on the WIC Board. This is a four year commitment.
    Served a record of 364 breakfasts at Heavy Weather. .
    We are now the proud owners of a lovely Silver Service. Skipper's helped with a $125.00 gift to us.
    Ten Skipperettes took a trip to Poulsbo on two Boats; It's Ours and After Five. A good lunch was served at Harbor House with time left for shopping and a visit to Sly's Bakery.
    Extra Year Books could be purchased for $.50.
    A message from Commodore Earlsey in the Knotical News stated that "History has shown that the Skipperettes contribution to BYC is by no means small and that the success of BYC "has been no accident".

    1988- 1989:

    The Safety Afloat section of the Knotical News was renamed to Slippery Banana Peels to trap members into reading the articles.
    The Knotical News and Towline were mailed out together.
    The Anchor and Ships Wheel logo on our Knotical News cover page is a replica of our Skipperettes pin.
    A great debate was finally concluded and we purchased a cash box to be used at all events when money is collected. Up to this time a cigar box had been used. This was a hard won debate as it entailed an expenditure of$25.00!
    This was the year Skipperettes announced an unsung heroine in the name of Juanita Armstrong for her dedication, enthusiasm and work in the galley.
    Nona Lansberry was president; Louise Oliver, Vice President; Betty Metcalf, Treasurer; Florence Lindstrom, Recording Secretary; Jane Hipp, Corresponding Secretary.
    A quorum was changed from 30 to 25.
    The Board Meetings were held and more were encouraged by President Nona Lansberry.

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