by Dottie Risch

  • Presidents of Skipperettes 1938-1995

  • History of Skipperettes: Part III


      Doris Stuffel was President.
    • The usual (by this time) Rummage Sale was held to boost the Treasury.
    • The Salmon Bake was held at Pt. Monroe.
    • Purchases for the galley were juice servers, silverware, cups, ash trays and a hand cart and coffee makers.
    • The real beginning of WIC.

    An Inaugural Ball was held for new Officers of both BYC and Skipperettes. Held our Interclub Luncheon at the Elks Club. Flag Officers wives were invited even if they weren't Skipperettes.

    At one meeting the entertainment was an earring exchange -- doesn't that sound like fun?


    • Another year starts and Gladys Eyler as President.
    • Our 2Oth Anniversary.
    • The Interclub Luncheon was held at the Officer's Club in the ShipYard.
    • Skippers Night is an annual affair, along with Mother's Day/Past Presidents Luncheon.
    • Rummage sale, Christmas Bazaar and a Spaghetti Dinner were the money makers.
    • It is also an annual Skipperette "privilege" to help during Heavy Weather Weekend.
    • First participated in Tyee Ladies Day Race.
    • Interclub is thriving and growing.


    Officers for the year were:

    • Pres. Gladys Parks (resigned later because they moved)
    • Vice President Althea Ratslaff
    • Recording Secretary Bernice Benson
    • Corresponding Secretary Rose Maggard
    • Treasurer Lorraine Brendt

    These names plus Ann Haven, Helen Smith, Rosalie Phillips, Ester Gundlach, Mary Kuhlman, Helen Hudson and Elsie Fickeisen will become very familiar to the working of this organization.

    • Interclub was held at the Norway Hall with six clubs being present.
    • Spruced up the powder room: painted, added new mirror and florescent lighting.
    • New shades were purchased and material for new tablecloths.
    • Althea Ratslaff moved up to the Presidency and Marge Benson was voted in as Vice President.
    • Installation was not held with the men this year.


    Now we are in the 60's. Marge Benson is the President.
    Still holding Interclub Luncheons at the Norway Hall.
    No Tolo Dances -do to lack of Volunteers to be on the Committee.
    No bazaar this year, however, did have the ever faithful rummage sale and a card party that was open to the public. Salads and dessert were served for $1.00 per person.
    Held a Bingo Party for the Horton Nursing Home residents.
    The annual Christmas Party with exchange gifts -much as we do today.
    Two interesting programs were put on -perhaps some of you remember June Nordquist and Winifred Dove, teachers at West High. They presented a slide show and commentary on their trip to Russia and East and West Germany. That certainly must have been quite an experience.
    The other program was newspaper columnist Adele Ferguson -she is Barbara Skelly's sister.
    An outdoor flag was the Skippers' Christmas gift.


    By this time it is a given that Skipperettes provide lunches for the Men's Work Parties.
    Interclub was held at the Hearthstone Restaurant. Everett is without an auxiliary so won't be included.
    Jonnie Foster was asking for articles for the Knotical News.
    First year a Christmas Ship was mentioned but no details.
    WIC Officially named: 14 Clubs as members.


    Doris Libby is President this year .
    Rummage Sale seems to have been the constant money maker .
    Lengthy discussions were held from time to time pertaining to Interclub: How many luncheons to have, how many clubs should be invited, should we eliminate the club prizes and just have door prizes and should we entertain in our own club. Charge is $2.25 per person.
    Treasury was in good shape -$574.36 on hand.
    Salmon Bake held at Illahee State Park -355 were served.


    Esther Gundlach was President.
    This was our Silver Anniversary year. A special Tea was planned. Tacoma Yacht Club was to be invited as they are the Club that helped us get started; also all Officers from the other Clubs.
    Ann Haven came in first in the Ladies Day Race. Five boats were entered. The Rummage Sale brought in $200.
    No Christmas gift for the Skipper's as they didn't need anything.
    Made styrofoam ornaments for the Club tree.
    Galley purchases: plates, soup spoons and coffee servers -does this never end!?
    Our Interclub Luncheon carried out the 25th Anniversary theme.
    Treasury was down a little -$260.13.


    The President, Elizabeth Merrifield, was nominated as "Women of the Year". Held our Interclub in our own Club House.
    A discussion was held about donating to the Sheltered Workshop -as a Club we would not, but members could do it on an individual basis if they so desired.
    Had Girl Mariners along on Ladies Race Day as co-observers.
    Made new table cloths and allotted $800.00 as our part toward remodeling the ladies Powder Room.
    No Children's Christmas Party this year.
    Mr. Irving Allen, from Forget-Me Not Florist, was the guest speaker in November.
    Treasury feeling a little better - $443.96.


    A big discussion was presented in regards to dish washing. Seems a Mr. Fenton agreed to continue to wash regular luncheon dishes for $3.00, large affairs for $5.00.
    This was the first year plaques were given to the winners of the Ladies Day Race: Jean Dominy received the plaque for 1964 and Helen Hudson for this year. Ann and Hob Haven made the mounting for us.
    Turned down the Olympic Peninsula Enterprises offer of a $5.00 membership, since our policy does not include Community Service Support as a group the matter was tabled.
    The June picnic was held at Garrett Park, pleasant sunny day -good food too!
    Skipper's Night was a potluck and Armin Jahr, Superintendent of Schools, gave a talk on his trip to Russia.
    A rummage sale was again planned for Spring.
    Invited to Seattle's Interclub Luncheon, also an invitation to the Medical Auxiliary Disaster Preparedness luncheon.
    The Tolo Dance was again tabled. (Lack of interest, I guess. )
    No mention of a Children's Christmas Party or Gift to the Skippers but all in all a very busy year!


    We begin this year with 89 members.
    Virginia Edwards is President, Elsie Fickeisen is Vice-President, Carmen Keil is Recording Secretary, Nancy Merrifield is Corresponding Secretary and Beryle Woodard is Treasurer.
    We were invited by Eddie Adams to write to Servicemen in Vietnam. He supplied us with the names and addresses.
    A Style Show was the entertainment for Skippers' Nite. Jonnie Foster was the commentator, Charlotte Peterson, Gloria Round, Loretta Campbell, Jean Dominy, Maggie Mosher, Marie Givens, Elsie Fickeisen, Beryle Woodard and Carmen Keil were the models -musical background was furnished by Gladys Eyler.
    The Rummage Sale was held in the old Butler Building.
    Gig Harbor was first included in WIC.


    Virginia did such a good job they voted her in for this year, Elsie Fickeisen moved to Vice President, Ardyce Olsen to Recording Secretary, Marie Cutting to Corresponding Secretary, Gladys Engebretson to Treasurer.
    A request from Mayor Glenn Jarstad for donations for Vietnam Servicemen gift bags; this was turned down on the ground we are not a philanthropic organization, but organized only to benefit the Club.

    Bought a piano for the Club and presented it to the Skippers' on Skippers Nite.
    Donna Ross won the Ladies Day Race, with Helen Hudson in 2nd place and Jean Dorniny, 3rd.
    Ardyce Olsen resigned as she went back to work -Nancy Merrifield took over as Recording Secretary.


    With Elsie Fickeisen as President, several things were accomplished as with all the previous leaders. Helping her to run this good ship "Skipperettes" was Beryle Woodard, Vice President -Jeannette Myers, Recording Secretary -Aileen Crosetti, Corresponding Secretary and Donna Ross, Treasurer.
    Purchases for the galley were an electric roaster and electric mixer. We also helped to purchase new drapes, to the tune of $1, 000.
    A decision was made to print a cookbook. The name to be "Ship and Shore." Stainless bowls have been missing from the galley. A discussion was help as to whether we should lock the cupboards!
    Ladies Day Race was won by Ardyce Olsen, Gerry Wilhelm, 2nd and Helen Hudson, 3rd.
    Paula Wittenfeld gave a slide show and commentary on their trip to Bangkok, Australia, Tasmania and the Sydney Hobart Yacht Club Race at the February meeting.
    Skippers Nite the entertainment was a talk on Wittenfeld's trip to New Zealand and Fiji.
    They were busy traveling this year.


    Beryl Woodard is now the President -Vice President, Dona Ross -Recording Secretary , Jeannette Meyers -Corresponding Secretary, Ardyce Olsen -Treasurer, Gladys Engebretson. Board meetings had been stopped for several years and Beryle suggested they be part of the running of this organization; as you all know, we are still having them every month.
    Disbanded the Girl Mariners because of inactivity and lack of interest.
    Stan Wardin and Hob Haven were chosen as Scupperettes.
    Held the usual Rummage Sale. Also, a Style Show with the Olympic College Nurses and we sold paperback books in the Club.
    At the March meeting the program was a narrated slide show by Chris Chrey. She had been the Rotary's summer exchange student to Japan -told of her trip to Japan and her adopted family while there. What a marvelous experience for our young people!
    The china and silverware place settings were brought up to 225; also purchased water pitchers, teapots, bowls and candle holders.
    1500 copies of the "Ship & Shore" recipe books were printed. Nonna Barrantine was in charge of this money making venture.
    The Skipper's Christmas Gift was a Flag and a stand for the Flag.
    Eva Katzenberger installed her daughter, Dona Ross, as the 1970 President of Skipperettes.


    President Dona Ross, Vice-President Helen Hudson, Recording Secretary Dixie Wright, Corresponding Secretary Ardyce Olsen and Treasurer Peggy Castle completed the slate of officers for this year.

    Interclub Luncheons are as popular as ever.
    Rummage Sale and Recipe Books are the money makers.
    Still "privileged" to help on Heavy Weather Weekend, even to making the Race Pennants.
    Served the luncheon for the Skippers Blue Gavel meeting at BYC. Rearranged galley cupboards.
    Changed from cube sugar to sugar packets. Bought a 36-cup coffee maker. Discussed purchasing a dishwasher.
    A Tolo Dance was held prior to the Ladies' day Race. Dona Ross, Ardyce Olsen, Gerry Wilhelm, Helen Hudson and Nonna Barrentine are regulars in this race.


    Another busy year for Skipperettes -This year Helen Hudson is at the Helm; Ardyce Olsen is Vice President; Recording Secretary, Dixie Wright; Corresponding Secretary, Jean McAboy; Treasurer, Peggy Castle.
    Skipperettes now have 112 members.

    Elks Yacht Club requested membership in WIC but were denied- Had Tillies cater our WIC Luncheon and it was very successful. Much discussion was held but final outcome was no WIC Boat in the Opening Day Parade. No Ladies Day Race this year, lack of interest.
    We entertained the Daffodil Court -14 Princesses, 7 Chaperones and 7 City Officials - served them coffee and cake- Held a potluck dinner honoring former caretaker Ivy Leach.
    Had a Boat Tour -5 sailboats, 8 powerboats on display with tea and refreshments served in the Club House. Brought in $315. And of course, the annual Rummage Sale.
    Skippers' requested men's aprons, dishtowels, ladle and large pitchers for the galley.
    Bought a dishwasher for the Club -the Skippers installed it.
    Decided new table cloths and relish dishes would be the Skippers Christmas Gift.


    This is Ardyce Olsen's year as President. Peggy Castle is Vice President, Rosalia Meehan is Recording Secretary, Dixie Wright is Corresponding Secretary and Linda Hostvedt is Treasurer.

    It was suggested to have another Tour of Boats and shelve the Rummage Sale for now. Perhaps one in the Fall.
    Louise Ray demonstrated "Bottle Gardens" as the Interclub Luncheon program.
    Did have a Ladies Day Race -7 boats were entered -Helen Hudson was-the winner.
    Peggy Castle resigned as Vice President due to illness. Dixie Wright was voted in and also accepted Chairmanship of Interclub.
    Nauti-Gals Jean Atteridge, Ricky McWilliams and Ardyce Olsen entertained with " A First Mates Life," led the group singing and were accompanied by Eddie Adams.
    Fall rummage sale netted $300- Christmas Gift to Skippers' was $50. -$30 for a Santa Claus suit and the balance for a light over the dishwasher.


    Now we start another year with Dixie Wright as President.
    Interclub Luncheons are being well attended.
    Had drapes and carpet cleaned professionally.
    Held a Wine Tasting Party prior to dinner on Skippers' Nite.
    Wavetoppers Interclub Luncheon was held at Frederick & Nelson's lunch room.
    Rummage Sale was held in the old Kentucky Fried Chicken building at 6th and Park. Made $303.
    Gave $500 to Skippers for Christmas for completing the new Ladies head.
    Nine boats were in the Ladies Day Race -Zelma Hill won Ist, Helen Hudson 2nd and Jean McAboy 3rd. Plaques were presented for the winners in 1972: 1st to Helen Hudson, 2nd to Nonna Barrentine, 3rd to Jean McAboy.
    We took in 16 new members.


    Nonna Barrentine is President and her assisting officers are Rozina Belden as Vice President, Nona Lansberry as Recording Secretary, Sandy McKay as Corresponding Secretary and Linda Hostvedt as Treasurer.

    Some interesting programs lined up: Bremerton's Fire Dept. Rescue 1, Glass Collecting (about Depression and Carnival glass), patchwork quilting, Tupperware Party, talk on narcotics by the Sheriff's Dept, slide show on a trip to Russia by Eva Katzenberger.
    Barbara Skelly suggested Kleenex, hand lotion and hair spray be put in the Ladies Heads.
    Jean McAboy was thanked for hemming and pinking all of the Race Pennants.


    This was International Woman's Year as decreed by the United Nations.
    No Boat Show because of Skipper's projects.
    Crazy Quilt project spear headed by Dixie Wright was quite popular -a busy project plus a social event.
    Jean Dominy suggested a shower facility for visitors such as other Clubs had. This was tabled as a future project !
    The Boat Show tour was put back on the agenda.
    This is the first year a Boat Float for Daffodil Festival in Tacoma was mentioned.
    A Style Show was put on -clothes from Kahn's Men and Ladies Apparel. Capt. Ted Morneau and Dick Hershbuger were models along with many Skipperettes. Elsie Fickeisen became Vice President as Nona Lansberry resigned due to a business opportunity.
    First mention of Club Cruise to Queen City Outstation.
    All thru these years, Skippers Nite, Mother's Day/Past President's, picnics and our Christmas Party with exchange gifts have been on the agendas - Some things just seem to last as good old times!

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