by Dottie Risch

  • Presidents of Skipperettes 1938-1995

  • Part I: Synopsis of Our First Ten Years

    Since the Skipperettes is the Auxiliary of Bremerton Yacht Club, we should be aware of our Parent Organization. Bremerton Yacht Club was founded in June of 1929. First Commodore was Floyd Phillips; Vice Commodore, Hob Haven (one of our Skipperettes) and Rear Commodore, Elmer Brooks. The Club was located in Sinclair Inlet in the vicinity of the Navy's Inactive ships facility. Nearly ten years later, Apri1 1938, the Skipperettes Auxiliary was founded, a group of 37 women was present and dues of $2.00 annually was agreed upon.


    "Object of the Club shall be the encouragement of social activity and promotion of friendliness among its members."

    • First Officers were:
      • La Verne Phillips -President
      • Dolly Brandelin -Vice President
      • Sally Prichard -Treasurer
      • Florence Hillberry -Secretary

    • Supplies purchased for the galley: Salt and Pepper shakers, creamers and sugar bowls, coffee and tea pots, mirror for hall and glasses.
    • Gave the first Christmas gift to the Skippers -a check for $25.00 -that was a lot of money in those days.
    • The Skipperettes were asked to plan and cook the Christmas dinner for the dinner/dance.
    • Held card parties often thru the year -25 cents a person to play.
    • The Skipperettes entertained the lady's auxiliaries from Everett and Tacoma Yacht Clubs; (Could this be the seed from which our present day W.I.C. grew?).
    • Quite an impressive first year!


    • Meetings were held in different locations. Twanoh State Park, City Parks and some members entertained in their homes.
    • Sewing parties and card parties were held, charging 25 cents a guest. Skipperettes pins became available.
    • Christmas Dinner was held at the Edgewater Beach Country Club -$1.25 a plate. Gift to Skippers $20.00.


    • Joint meeting in January with Skippers for Installation.
    • Served a cafeteria luncheon during Heavy Weather Cruise.
    • Donated $5.00 to the Elks Lodge for the Iron Lung Fund.
    • Christmas dinner was a Potluck at 75 cents a person, a limit of 75 people. Used to hire a dishwasher for such events.


    • Card parties big this year -some held in the evenings.
    • A Baby Gift Fund was started for prospective mothers.
    • Potluck Picnics at Illahee Park (held meetings thru the summer)
    • World War II started.
    • Christmas Dinner was eaten out but no mention as to where.


    • Red Cross sewing days were established: members brought their own sandwiches.

    • Entertained Servicemen.
    • Donated to Bremerton Recreation Commission.
    • Meetings with other clubs were postponed for the duration.
    • War Bonds were purchased from time to time and any raffle prizes given at meetings were WAR Stamps.
    • Christmas Dinner was put on for $1.50.


    First mention of Skipperettes fixing dinner for men when they worked on the Club House. (Work Party Galley duty way back then!)

    • Members donated to the Blood Bank.
    • Call came for more volunteers for the Red Cross Motor Corps and also for help in preparing surgical dressings.
    • July and August meeting were picnics in City Park.
    • Skipperettes again cooked Christmas Dinner -charged $1.50 a plate.
    • Gift exchange limited to 50 cents.

    Note: Doris Libby joined this year.


    • Still holding joint Installations with the men.
    • Donated to the Infantile Paralysis Fund.
    • Still buying War Bonds.
    • Meetings were held in members homes.
    • Christmas Dinner and Dance held at the I.O.O.F Hall.
    • This year went fast!


    Because of the railroad being built to service the Ship Yard the Club House was moved to its present location of Phinney Bay. Two WWII project houses were added to the existing structure.

    • Donated $100. For work needed because of the move.
    • New drapes were purchased for the Club Room.
    • Landscaped the grounds around the building.
    • Potluck dinners were held for men working on the floats.
    • Gave $5.00 to Red Cross Drive.
    • Held first Children's Christmas Party.
    • Space cleared for picnic area on the island by the men.
    • It was suggested the men buy the Christmas Dinner and Skipperettes would go and eat it!

    ( No mention as to where -perhaps Hadden Hall in West Park?) Our Doris Libby was Secretary this year.


    Were asked to help on House to House Canvas for the Community Chest Drive- Easter Egg Hunt for the children -eggs furnished by the parents. (How times have changed.)

    • Entertained Sailors from the Navy Hospital.
    • Purchased coffee makers.
    • Held rummage sale at Farmer's Market-
    • Knotical News made its first appearance
    • Meetings and/or picnics were held all summer long.
    • By-Law change -"and to lend assistance to the Yacht Club whenever possible" was added to the original Object Clause in the By-Laws, as it stands to this day.
    • Christmas Bazaar held at Farmers' Market.
    • Meetings with Everett Barnacles and Tacoma Shipmates were resumed.
    • Have 91 members now!


    Gladys Stevenson was President. Name familiar? That's because it was Sharren Stevenson's Mother-in-law. More familiar names to a lot of us: Gladys Edson, Joan Mathews, Rosalie Phillips and Doris Libby were busy serving on many committees.

    • Bought a stove with War Bonds and monies from saving account.
    • Big Style Show and Tea were held in April-
    • Suggestion was voiced to print a cook book to sell.
    • Rummage Sale and Christmas Bazaar were again held.
    • "Wear slacks, bring garden tools, children and sandwiches." Purpose, to further clean up and beautify a picnic spot on the island.


    Ten years have passed -Skipperettes are doing well and efficiently carrying on as in the past.

    • Valentine's Dance, involvement in the Heavy Weather Cruise, a Style Show and Children's Christmas Party. This year a fishing derby was held.
    • Queen City Yacht Club's Tarettes joined us in the exchange meetings with Tacoma and Everett.
    • Summer Meetings and/or picnics were canceled.
    • Club cruise to Quartermaster Harbor and Horsehead Bay (in Carr Inlet) over Labor Day Weekend.
    • Counter tops were repaired and a double sink cabinet were the galley improvements.
    • The Knotical News was appearing monthly and being very well received

    History Part 2