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Skupperettes 2006/07

Democracy and Spousal Equality have gained the Upper Hand at BYC:
Can the Skupperettes be far behind?

Skupperettes since 1951 (Click!)

Dan Robinson was newly drafted in 2007. From left: Skupperettes Bob Bachman & Dan as well as Captain Dianne Robinson
Photos: Sylvia Wilson
Now that spouses can become full BYC members, will "Skupperettes" have the choice to become genuine "Skipperettes"? Or, since Skipperettes can now become "Captains" or "Skippers", should not Skupperettes be allowed to call themselves "Skuppers" or "Skupps"?

Skupperettes or "Skuppers" are receiving their orders (April 2006).

The galley slaves are presented to diners at Skipperettes' "Skippers' Night" 2007.

"At the close of the evening we revealed our new Skupperette, Dan Robinson. Dan was surprised and welcomed into the fold of "Good Men" by the Skupperettes. After the meeting we jokingly gave him his assignment in the galley. I don't know what we would do with out these wonderful guys. They have helped us in so many ways and have made our large events easier. I know the other clubs in WIC are always in awe of us when these guys serve their lunch." (Gerri Bachman, Skipperettes President 2006-07)

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