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From: "Geoff at Sound Dive Center" 
Date: November 11, 2008 10:02:17 AM PST
Subject: Bremerton Yacht Club Special Peoples Cruise

The Bremerton Yacht Club will hosting our 27th Annual "Special Peoples" 
Cruise for the up coming Holidays.

Notice and Info for our club members:
Past Photos:

We would like to invite you and your world famous photographers to 
attend this evening cruise.

It is a truly heart warming experience.

Please post in your Community Calendar.

When: December 7th (Sunday) 3:30 p.m. to
Where: Bremerton Yacht Club
Who: Special People from our Kitsap Community.
What: Our attendees have a great afternoon of Yachting,

Each with a Club Provided Chaperone, get a tour of our local inlets and 
bays.  Get to see the Christmas boat and are fed a truly sea worthy 

Each get to speak to Santa Via the VHF radio on their host boat.  Santa 
is located back in the club house.  The requests that Santa gets, range 
from Humorous to Heart Wrenching.

We would love to have you attend this afternoon of holiday cheer.

Kind Regards,

BYC Publicity Chair.

----- Original Message ----- From: Geoff (at) Sound Dive Center Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 11:01 AM Subject: Bremerton's Lighted Boat Parade Thank you for the quick response for the Special Peoples Cruise. We appreciate you posting that information. Additionally, the Bremerton Yacht Club will be hosting our Annual 2 Day (Evening) Annual Lighted Boat Parade. Notice and Info for the community: We would like to invite you to attend this evening cruise (we have plenty of room for you on this years lead boat). We have a complete schedule for each evenings itinerary and "best times" to view from the shore located on the attached web address (above). In addition to the lighted boats, we provide a "shout out" to families and individuals along the route. Imagine the surprise that grand children, friends and visitors have when they hear Santa call out their names and a special message. Viewing points include Lions Field, the Boat Shed restaurant, Bremerton Marina and waterfront. Chico, Silverdale and Tracyton. Please post in your Community Calendar. When: December 19-20 (Friday and Sunday) 6:10 p.m. start time. Please see Itinerary on web site. Where: Inlets and Bays in the Bremerton and Silverdale area. Who: All the community What: 25 Yachts and Sailing Vessels decorated with over 4 million Holiday Lights (some exaggeration should be expected) Shout Out requests can be sent to BYC : C/O "Shout out request" BYC Lighted Boat parade. Mailed to: 2700 Yacht Haven Way N.W., Bremerton, Washington 98312 Phoned in to: 360-479-2662 Faxed in to: 360-479-2636 Emailed to: Kind Regards, Geoff BYC Publicity Chair.

Results, reports & photos from 2008 Heavy Weather

Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2008 6:55 PM
Subject: Heavy Weather Log Contest for Calendar

Dear Editor: 

This year's Heavy Weather Weekend at the Bremerton Yacht Club will be February 15-17 with the Log Contest 
taking place on Saturday February 16. [BYC returns to running the "race" on Saturday after it had been on 
Sunday last year]

More information will be made available shortly including on this Web page:  
Race information will also be posted on the IBPA page at:

Thank you for helping us getting the word out.

Gunter Krumme
Bremerton Yacht Club (Publicity)

LIGHTED BOAT PARADE 2007: 14 & 15 December 2007
For Details, please see:

Sent: Friday, October 26, 2007 11:13 AM
Subject: Fw: Special Peoples Cruise, December 2nd, at the Bremerton Yacht Club

Dear Editors and Reporters ...
The time will soon come (December 2nd) for this year's holiday cruise for the Special People of Kitsap County. The Bremerton Yacht Club would appreciate if you could help us again spread the word to the Special People, their caregivers, relatives or friends. Please forward this Email to the person or persons at your paper responsible for the Calendar(s), for possibly writing a note or article before the Special People's Cruise, or making the assignments for covering the event. As always, you or your reporter(s) would be most welcome at BYC and, if your time permits, on one of the boats! 360.981.3002, Thank you!

Günter Krumme, Bremerton Yacht Club (Publicity)


Since 1981, and again this year for December 2nd, the Bremerton Yacht Club ([2662] correction: 2700 Yacht Haven Way, off Rocky Point Road, on Phinney Bay) has invited Kitsap County's Special People for a Sunday afternoon cruise. Santa will again greet participants via marine radio as each boat passes by his boat anchored in Dyes Inlet. Over two hundred guests, both Special People and their caregivers, are again expected to arrive shortly before 4 p.m. in private cars or buses provided by Kitsap Transit. A variety of other local organizations continue to assist in staging this event; for example, the Kitsap Credit Union has been a sponsor of the event for many years and also provides volunteer helpers, members of the Bremerton High School Basketball Team assist with lifting people in wheelchairs onto boats, while the VFW serves refreshments after the boat ride at the Westside Improvement Club. Skippers of Bremerton Yacht Club's fleet of recreational motorboats provide most of the water transportation. In addition, a larger boat, donated by Kitsap Transit for the day, carries the wheelchair-bound guests. Often also a boat or two from the Port Orchard and Brownsville Yacht Clubs help out. Many of the Special People have participated in the cruise for several years, look forward to the event all year, and know the boats, skippers and their families they would like to be assigned to. For the Bremerton Yacht Club, this Annual Special People's Cruise is an "all-hands" event with club members playing roles ranging from serving as parking lot attendants, escorting the special guests to and from their assigned boats, entertaining participants who wait for the boarding, to helping in the club's galley for the feeding of the many volunteer helpers after the event.

Time: 4 p.m. boarding of boats at BYC. Warm clothes are advised. Return to the dock at 5:45 for a visit with Santa and the ride to the WEST SIDE IMPROVEMENT CLUB 4109 E STREET [E STREET AND NATIONAL AVENUE] where the VFW is providing refreshments for the Special People around 6:00 PM.
This year's coordinator and contact is Past Commodore Gary Carr
Further information is also provided by BYC's manager, Jim Busse (Email: and by the website at .
If transportation is needed, please call Kitsap Transit at 479-7272.

Friday, October 05, 2007
Re.: Lighted Boat Parade / Christmas Ships: Change of Routes (Bremerton Yacht Club)

Dear Editor:

The Bremerton Yacht Club is sending this press release early since there has been a change in the routing of the Lighted Boat Parade from earlier years. We want to be sure that the route is corrected in texts and on charts/maps for 2007. Therefore we ask you to forward this Email to the person who will cover the lighted boat/ Christmas Ships parades or the Calendar for your magazine this year.

Please use the attachment or visit this Web site for the new routes (incl. chart) and the approximate schedules for the December 14 & 15 parades: We would also be happy to make photos available from earlier years for any pre-event announcement.

Any question you may have should be addressed to me for appropriate forwarding as needed. As always, you are sincerely invited to join us on land and/or on the water for this event.

Thank you!

Gunter Krumme
Bremerton Yacht Club (Publicity)

28 June 2007: SPACE AVAILABLE FOR YOUTH SAILING CAMPS ON PHINNEY BAY! There is still space available in most of the weekly Youth Sailing Camps which the Bremerton Yacht Club conducts for children (10-15 years old) of members and non-members again this July and early August on Phinney Bay. Contact Mike Knight (for general information) at 360.405.0678 or Jim Busse (for registration information) at 360.479.2662 or or visit the BYC web site for access to the entire program.

New Commodore & Awards

Press Release (27 May 2007)
The Bremerton Yacht Club has installed its new Commodore for the year 2007-2008. It is Don Hardgrove, last year's Vice Commodore, a detective in the Seattle Police Department and the creative mind behind the club's recent top-award-winning decorative & musical extravaganzas both at the Tacoma Marine Daffodil Parade and Seattle's Opening of the Boating Season.

Another major accomplishment of the year, initiated by outgoing Commodore Ron Morse together with his predecessor Past Commodore Charles Billings, was the introduction of a "family membership" which will now permit club members' spouses to become members with their own rights and responsibilities and be "captains" in the club.

At this end of his tenure, it is custom for the outgoing commodore to present a variety of club awards, among them the "Yachting Family of the Year" (Leo and Stacey Longenecker) and "Yachtsman of the Year" (Mike Henry). The Director of the club's highly successful (and now in its fifth year) Summer Youth Sailing Program, Mike Knight, won the coveted "Reo Mitchell Inspirational Award".

Heavy Weather 2007

Weekend Activities & Contest Day

Press Release
5 February 2007

The Bremerton Yacht Club's major event of the year, the 73rd annual Heavy 
Weather Weekend (Feb 16-19) is fast approaching. For the club and its 
members, it is considered an "all hands event", i.e. most members are 
expected to be a part of the event either by participating in the contest 
itself or by serving on one or more of the numerous committees which 
support the surrounding activities. Such chores include, among others, 
helping incoming boats to secure their moorage lines, all-night fire 
watches, or helping to feed participating crews, guests and volunteers 
with breakfasts and dinners. 

Heavy Weather Race attendance grew during the mid-1960s through the mid 
70s; race attendance was averaging 120 to 140 entrants with a single high 
of 159 contestants in the 1970 race. Though race participation has since 
declined (and is expected to be 30-40 boats this year),  Heavy Weather 
Weekend activities have expanded and, according to the Past Commodore of 
the International Power Boat Association, Mike Henry,  the Bremerton Yacht 
Club continues to host the largest sanctioned annual log race in North 

The "Heavy Weather Navigational Log Contest" represents the center of the 
weekend. The event, although often referred to as a "race", is not based 
on speed but on navigational skills, more specifically on the ability to 
predict a boat's arrival time at specified intermediate and final 
destinations given the boat's mandated speed through the water. This 
mandated speed differs between different classes of participants. Skippers 
do not only have to know various qualities of their own boats, but also 
the effects of tidal currents as well as expected wind and wave actions on 
different segments of the course. An assigned observer on each boat makes 
sure that the speed and other conditions are satisfied. Observers, both 
from the Club and from the community, have gone through several hours of 
observer training prior to the day of the contest. Different from earlier 
years, members of the Bremerton Yacht Club have done quite well recently. 
Skippers Chuck Silvernail (last year's winner), Leo Longenecker, Jack 
Hensley, Ray Gorski and John Rosendale have been among the most successful 
BYC participants. They alone won the contest in eight of the past 15 
years, some of them twice. 

Sunday morning's race log check-in will be from 0830-1030. The contestants 
will navigate an 18 mile course with the last contestant finishing by 
1400. The public is invited to observe the activities on the water 
although neither the speed of the boats nor the competition between the 
boats are similar to other boat "races". Some suggested viewing spots 
would be on the Manette or Warren Ave bridges, Bachmann Park at the foot 
of Trenton Ave, the Boat Shed Restaurant dock and the launch ramp dock at 
Evergreen Park.

The overall theme for the social side of this year’s event is 
"Brem-Aloha". This Hawaiian theme is reflected in competitive hula dances 
performed by visiting yacht clubs (as well as BYC) and an "authentic" 

The event schedule and other information are accessible on BYC's Web site 

Heavy Weather 2007

HW Observers Needed

Press Release
18 January 2007

Observers Needed for Heavy Weather Navigational Contest
Whether you have done it in the past or you are new to it and want to 
learn: this is your chance to be on the salty waters of Puget Sound in 
Mid-February and be an honored guest on one of the participating boats. 
The Bremerton Yacht Club is looking for observers (i.e. referees) for its 
73nd Heavy Weather Predicted Log "Race" (better: "Navigational Contest"). 
You may want to gain some navigational experience or, especially if you 
are an old hand at this, just meet some nice people. Come and join us for 
some enjoyable hours on Sunday, 18 February. The "Observer Training 
Session" will take place at the Bremerton Yacht Club on the preceding 
Wednesday (14 Feb) at 7 p.m.. Call or Email Owen Ritter (360-373-5996); 
Mike Henry  (360-377-6639 or ),  or Rob Bruins at,  if you are interested. 

Anyone can be an observer and the public is invited and encouraged to 

For more details visit: Further information about the 
Heavy Weather event can be found on BYC's Web page at

Special Peoples' Cruise 2006

First Photos

To: Editor(s):

The Bremerton Yacht Club celebrated its 25th Special People’s Cruise this 
past December 3rd.  It did so with the generous help and support of the 
Kitsap Credit Union, Kitsap Transit Access and Ferry service, VFW Post 
239, and the Bremerton High School boy’s basketball team.  There were over 
200 special people in attendance.

This event is made possible through the efforts of so very many, but I 
would like to particularly thank Elliot Gregg, CEO of Kitsap Credit Union 
for his annual support and attendance (Mr. Gregg’s organization also 
employs some of our community’s special people); John Clauson, Service 
Development Director for Kitsap Transit who oversees ferry operations and 
personally served this event from aboard the "Carlisle"; Steve Womble, 
Kitsap Transit Access Operations whose team of people including Carole 
Mulkey, Bill Deam, and Mike Miller made ground transportation possible 
with fifteen Access buses; VFW Post 239’s Fred and Rose Green with the 
help of Sandy Pariseau who, following the cruise, provided this entire 
group with snacks, beverages, and a visit with Santa at the Westside 
Improvement Center; and Casey Lindberg, Coach of the Bremerton High 
School’s boys basketball team who provided assistance with wheelchairs, 
boarding, and even served as crew.

The weather couldn’t have been better, the seas calmer, or the lighted 
boats any brighter.  It was a wonderful evening.  Thanks to all!

John Rosendale, Chairman
2006 Special People’s Cruise
Bremerton Yacht Club

Lighted Boat Parade 2006


To: Editors and Reporters:
Attached please find additional information on the Lighted Boat / 
Christmas Ship Parade which the Bremerton Yacht Club again undertakes on
Friday, December 8 and Saturday, December 9 on Dyes Inlet, the Washington 
Narrows and along the East Bremerton side of Sinclair Inlet.
The Bremerton Yacht Club, once again, is privileged to present this year's 
Santa Ship and Lighted Boats parades to the communities along the 
waterfront of Bremerton and Silverdale. Typically, 25-30 boats are 
beautifully decorated for the enjoyment of viewers on Friday and Saturday 
In the past, Santa had usually over a thousand greetings "for children of 
all ages" at close to 200 different stops along the way. He already sends 
his apologies to anyone he might miss, and will try to do better next 

The BYC Web page includes the two routes for the respective 
evenings and the approximate times when the boats will pass certain points 
on the shore.
On Friday, December 8, the parade begins at 6:30 at the Silverdale Dock,
follows the Tracyton shoreline and Port Washington Narrows
into Sinclair Inlet and ends at about 9:30 p.m. at Ruby Point. 

On Saturday, December 9, the parade also begins at 6:30, 
follows the South and Western shorelines of Dyes Inlet
and ends in front of the Silverdale docks around 8:30 p.m.. 

For the first time, we provide rough maps of the route for the two evenings.
Santa can be contacted before the parade and provided with appropriate 
voice messages from Santa's boat to shore while the boats are passing 
specific landmarks.
Thank you for your help in getting word out! 

Bremerton Yacht Club
(Publicity & WebTeam) [c/o Krumme] (Route, Schedule & Maps) (History of Christmas at the Bremerton Yacht Club)

Special Peoples Cruise

Kitsap's Special People will again greet Santa on Dyes Inlet
The 2006 Special Peoples Cruise takes place on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2006 in 
the afternoon. 
The Bremerton Yacht Club's annual holiday boat cruise for disabled and 
developmentally and physically challenged children and adults and their 
caregivers includes a visit with Santa and a trip to the Westside 
Improvement Club for refreshments provided by theVFW. 
   Time: 4 p.m. boarding of boats at BYC. Return to the dock at 5:45 for a 
visit with Santa and the ride to the VFW.
   Place: Bremerton Yacht Club, 2700 Yacht Haven Way (off Rocky Point 
Road), Bremerton 98312 . 

The goal of this cruise is to provide the Special People of Kitsap County 
with an enjoyable evening cruise aboard vessels (including at least one 
with wheelchair access) sponsored by the Bremerton Yacht Club where they 
can wave to Santa on the “Santa Boat” and talk with him on the vessel's 
marine radio. 
On their return, they receive a gift from Santa, can sit on his lap and 
are then escorted to the Kitsap Transit Access buses waiting to take them 
to the VFW event. 
The event is also supported (financially or by volunteer help) by the 
Kitsap Community Federal Credit Union, Bremerton High School Athletic 
Department, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 239,  Kitsap Transit and 

Instructions for Participants:

PHONE: (360) 479 - 2662








BYC is Recognized
for its Environmental Program
and Environmentally Responsible Behavior

13 October 2006

During its first General Meeting in October, BYC had two welcomed visitors: Niels Nicolaisen and Chris Wilke had come to present the Club with two coveted environmental awards, a Certificate of Achievement from the Clean Water program ... and a Four-Star Citation for reducing hazardous waste from the EnviroStars program. ...continued...(Click!)

Three Stars for a former Rear Admiral

20 May 2006

The Bremerton Yacht Club has installed its new Commodore for the year 2006-2007. It is Ron Morse, last year's Vice Commodore and a retired dentist and rear admiral in the U.S.Navy. BYC's "Boating Family of the Year" is Betty and Paul Smith. The Smiths reside in the Phinney Bay area and own the motorboat "Ix Chel".

Attachment: BYC Commodore Ron Morse

Bremerton's Sea Dragon wins Overall First Place Trophy at Seattle's Opening Day

7 May 2006

Bremerton's Sea Dragon won the overall first place at this year's Boat Parade as part of the Opening Day Ceremonies in Seattle (Portage Bay / "Mountlake Cut") organized by the Seattle Yacht Club. The Bremerton Yacht Club's boat, owned and skippered by Gary and Jo Carr, won the coveted Admiral's Trophy on the basis of their best response to the parade's theme. This year the theme was "Caribbean Carnival". The decoration and costume design (for a crew of about 20) and the implementation were directed by BYC member Consuelo Udave (Waldorf). Sea Dragon also won the "Past Commodore's Trophy in its class "Sponsored Decorated". The second place in this class went to Highlife from the Kingston Cove Yacht Club. Poulsbo Yacht Club was also successful. Sir Lantslot (owners Steve and Linda Lants) took home the "Seattle Mariner / Friedlander Trophy" in the class "Dressed Power".

March 2006


YOUTH SAILING PROGRAM AT THE BREMERTON YACHT CLUB. Learn-to-sail day classes teach children the basics of sailing in weekly camps. This is a non-profit program that is open to the public. Only eight students in each weekly session. Each student has his/her own boat to use for the week. The course combines classroom sessions with lots of hands-on sailing experience in protected bay areas. Students learn some basics of seamanship, knot tying, and experience small boat sailing techniques. The focus is on sailing and having fun! Beginner sessions for ages 10-15 are June 26-30, July 3-8, July 17-21, July 24-28, and July 31-August 4. The Intermediate sessions for ages 10-15 is July 10-14 and August 7-11. Cost per student is only $190 per week; classes run from 9:00am-3:30pm Monday thru Friday. For applications and further information please visit our web site at or contact either Jim Busse at 360-479-2662, or Mike Knight at 360-405-0678.

24 October 2005


December 4, 2005

The Bremerton Yacht Club's annual holiday boat cruise for disabled people and their caregivers includes a visit with Santa and a trip to the Westside Improvement Club for refreshments provided by theVFW.
Time: 4 p.m. boarding
Return to the dock at 5:45
Place: Bremerton Yacht Club, 2700 Yacht Haven Way (off Rocky Point Road), Bremerton 98312
More Info: (360) 479-2662
Committee Chair: Mark Miller (Past Commodore)

13.December 2005
Organizations which help(ed) us conduct this event include:

Special People can talk with Santa on Marine Radio

(Released: 15 November 2005)

The holiday season is almost upon us. One of the first events this year 
is again the Special People's Cruise which the Bremerton Yacht Club 
organizes on December 4th around a boat trip on Dyes Inlet. Its purpose 
is to provide the Special People of Kitsap County with an enjoyable 
Sunday afternoon cruise aboard volunteered vessels, followed in the 
evening by a party with snacks and sandwiches hosted by the Veterans of 
Foreign Wars (VFW). In addition to BYC, major sponsors of this event 
are the Kitsap Credit Union and Kitsap Transit.

Based on the experience of previous years, BYC expects 180-200 special 
people and 50-70 caregivers to participate. Kitsap Transit's access 
buses, vans of various facilities and private cars will bring the 
special people and their caregivers to BYC's clubhouse (2700 Yacht 
Haven Way, via Marine Drive and Rocky Point Road) arriving at 3:45p.m.. 
The guests will be escorted to the Ball Room where they will meet their 
respective skippers and be provided with life preservers. The boat 
skippers will then be assisted by numerous volunteers from BYC and the 
community in bringing the special people, their caregivers and 
wheelchairs from the Clubhouse, via the walkway and docks to the 
designated boats. Members of the basketball and bowling teams of 
Bremerton High School and employees of the Kitsap Credit Union will be 
among the volunteers who will make sure that everyone arrives safely on 
the assigned boat. Most boats used for this enjoyable undertaking are 
owned by BYC members, but there also will be larger vessels from the 
Kitsap Transit Ferry Service and the Navy and probably also boats from 
other area clubs, such as Brownsville and Port Orchard.

Once under way, boat guests can not only enjoy the fresh air, 
interaction with the boat's crew and holiday music but can also wave to 
Santa who has made arrangements to be on the "Santa Boat" on Dyes Inlet 
for the afternoon to greet the Special People. On top of it all, 
Special People will be encouraged to talk directly with Santa via the 
boat's VHF marine radio to share their holiday wishes! In order to 
please Santa (who has let it be known that he is at heart a sailor), 
BYC declared one of its largest sailboats, the "Wings of Gold" 
(skippered by Mike & Ruth Murray) to be "Santa Boat" for the occasion. 

After the special guests and their caregivers return to the BYC moorage 
in Phinney Bay, Santa will again join them and distribute small gifts. 
Then they will ride the Buses to the Westside Improvement Center where 
the VFW will provide snacks and sandwiches to the special, but now 
hungry, "sailors". At 6:30 p.m. they can be picked up from there or the 
Access buses will take them home. 

After the last buses have left BYC's premises, the Club turns its 
attention to the many volunteers without whom this event would not be 
possible. They will be fed too at a recognition dinner held for Navy 
dignitaries, City and County officials, neighboring yacht clubs, and 
all participating supporters and volunteers. 

The Special People’s Cruise has been held every year since 1981. This 
year, Chairman of BYC's organizing committee is former Commodore Mark 
Miller.  Further information is provided on BYC’s web page at Guests who need 
transportation should call Kitsap Transit at (360) 479-7272.

24 October 2005


December 16 &17, 2005

The Bremerton Yacht Club's Lighted Boat Parade takes place on the evenings of December 16 &17. On Friday, December 16 (6:30 p.m.), it begins at the Silverdale Dock, follows the Tracyton shoreline and Port Washington Narrows into Sinclair Inlet and ends at about 9:30 p.m. at Ruby Point. On Saturday, December 17, the parade follows the South and Western shorelines of Dyes Inlet and ends in front of the Silverdale docks around 8:30 p.m.. More detailed routes with times as well as information about voice messages from Santa will be posted on BYC's website.
Committee Chair: Don Hardgrove (Rear Commodore)

29 November 2005

Observers Needed for Heavy Weather Navigational Contest

Whether you have done it in the past or you are new to it and want to learn: this is your chance to be on the salty waters of Puget Sound in Mid-February and be an honored guest on one of the participating boats. The Bremerton Yacht Club is looking for observers (i.e. referees) for its 72nd Heavy Weather Predicted Log "Race" (better: "Navigational Contest"). You may want to gain some navigational experience or, especially if you are an old hand at this, just meet some nice people; come and join us for some enjoyable hours on Sunday, 19 February. The "Observer Training Session" will take place at the Bremerton Yacht Club on the preceding Wednesday (15 Feb) at 1900 (7 p.m.). Call Bill Rumbold (at 360 698-7258) or send an Email to either Leo Longenecker at leolongenecker@ or Rob Bruins at if you are interested.

Anyone can be an observer and the public is invited and encouraged to participate. For more details visit: Further information about the Heavy Weather event can be found on BYC's Web page at

24 October 2005

BYC's 2006 Heavy Weather Log Race & Weekend

Leo Longenecker, a past commodore of BYC, will serve as the race chairman for the 2006 Heavy Weather event. Here he stands in front of the coveted permanent Heavy Weather Plaque in the Clubhouse
February 17-20, 2006 (actual race on Sunday Feb.19).

The 2006 BYC Heavy Weather Predicted Log Contest will be held on Sunday, Feburary 19, 2006. The contest will be approximately 17 miles long this year to help in the conservation of expensive marine fuel. It begins at the Manette Bridge, passes by the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, leaves Sinclair Inlet and returns through Rich Passage finishing off Point Herron in Manette. The contest starts around 11:30am and generally ends around 2:00 pm. Good viewing places would be the Manette Bridge, Boat Shed Restaurant and Bachman Park at the foot of Trenton Ave. in East Bremerton. A variety of social activities are planned for this weekend before and after the log race for members of participating Puget Sound area boating clubs.
Committee Chair (Log Race): Leo Longenecker (Past Commodore)
Committee Chair (Social Activities): T.B.A.

The poster (left) was designed by Rear Commodore Don Hardgrove
and contains what has become the logo of Heavy Weather 2006

19 May 2005

Boating Family of the Year

At its Awards Ceremony in May, the Commodore of the Bremerton Yacht Club presented the "Boating Family of the Year" award to Mike and Cathy Thomas. The Thomas family resides in the Erlands Point area of West Bremerton. The name of the family boat is "Voyager". The Thomas' have been members of the Bremerton Yacht Club since 1999.

31 March 2005

Bremerton Yacht Club in Fourth Year of Youth Sailing Program

This will be the fourth year of Bremerton Yacht Club's expanding Youth Sailing Program open to the community. Between the end of June and mid-August, youth ages 10-15 will enliven Phinney Bay with 6 DeWitt dinghies and 2 Lasers learning and refining their sailing skills. The program is divided into eight week-long sessions with Monday-Friday classes from 9 AM to 3:30 PM. We start and end the program with three weeks of "Beginner" classes on June 27 and August 1. During the weeks of July 18 and 25, two clases are offered to "Intermediate" students who have successfully completed the Beginners Course. There will be eight students to a class with cost per student of $180 per week.

The beginners' curriculum focuses on basic sailing skills on the water including rigging the boats, performing safety drills, sailing with different wind directions, controlling the speed of the boat and docking, i.e. getting a feel for the interactions between the sailor, various parts of the sail and the boat, and the wind and the water. The Intermediate classes will build on and reinforce this foundation and also emphasize the basics of regatta sailing.The pratical daily sessions on the water are preceded by instruction in the classroom with an emphasis on underlying theoretical principles, knot tying, and ("blackboard") preparations for the day on the water. Classes are taught by a certified Head Instructor assisted by one or more Assistant Instructors.The instructors are supported by, and communicate (by radio) with, adult safety observers on their own motorized boats and on land whose primary function is to ensure that training takes place in a safe and healthy environment. Classes end on Friday afternoons with a brief graduation ceremony (incl. awards and certificates).

Inquiries about the program should be addressed to the director, Mike Knight, [ or 360-405-0678]. Questions about registration and the registration itself are handled by Jim Busse [; Tel: 360-479-2662; Fax: 360-792-2636; Mail address: Bremerton Yacht Club, 2700 Yacht Haven Way N.W., Bremerton, Washington 98312]. Photos, further information and registration forms are also on the Website:

20 February, 2005


The weekend of February 18, 19 and 20 saw the kind of weather that makes one wonder how Bremerton Yacht Club ever could ever name their predicted log race the "Heavy Weather Race". Sunny skies, light breeze and flat water all served to let one question the appropriateness of that name. The weekend started on Friday evening gathering with the host club offering a light dinner and music for dancing which was enjoyed by the early arrivals as a tune-up for a weekend social event of good racing and great company.

Saturday dawned to pea soup fog, far from the ideal weather of the previous day. Considerable concern was expressed by the racers having early scheduled starts and needing reasonable visibility to find their aiming points. However, by mid-morning, the fog had dissipated and the race was an unquestionable "go".

The 47 contestants completed their pre-race check-in at the clubhouse during the morning, and departed with their crews and observers for the starting point in Sinclair Inlet near the small town of Annapolis. Again, the "heaviest" weather elements experienced were glaring sunshine, 5-10 knot northerlies and barely rippled seas. Most of the 22.3 nm course was run at cruise speed upon the waters of Port Orchard, in a northerly direction and then returning southerly with the last leg being run for about 3.5 miles up Port Washington Narrows at a speed of 7.0 knots or less. Guesstimating" current velocity through the Narrows presented the biggest challenge for most racers because of its unpredictability due to its length and narrowness and, particularly, since it was transitioning from an unusually long high slack tidal condition to the start of an ebb tide. All 47 contestants completed the race and were checked in by 4 o'clock.

Following the race, the social event schedule continued with an evening of skit presentations by three yacht clubs performing their nautical renditions to the theme "Cabaret"; Gig Harbor YC walked away with first place and the highly treasured winner's trophy "The Rubber Clam Gun". With the night being entirely too young to close the clubhouse doors at the end of the skit contest, the BYC hosts brought on the band for another evening of dancing followed by a midnight snack. Finally, time for bed. Bremerton YC club has a unique tradition of waiting until after the serving of a well-rounded hearty breakfast prepared by BYC membership volunteers on Sunday morning before announcing the race results and presenting the awards. Power Regatta Chairman John Rosendale recapped the race highlights, providing eloquent commentary wherever deserving individuals were considered worthy of "special note". With the assistance of the BYC Bridge Officers, he then presented awards for lowest error by leg, awards for the first three places in each of the five classes, awards to the top three overall finishers, to the best scoring US Navy entry and the trophy for best team score.

Taking overall honors was the team of Dick and Sylvia Timmerman on VAGABOND from Poulsbo YC with an extremely low error of 0.2526 %. Closely following in second place overall was the team of Bill Menees and Pete Werbelo on ALASKA HUNTER out of Port Orchard YC with 0.3174%. Lynn Montgomery and Larrie Chmela on LIKELY LADY from Queen City YC rounded out the top three slots with 0.4968% for third place. In addition to the class awards, a special award was accepted by BM1(SW) Ragsdale of the crew on OLD MAN IV for the top finishing US Navy entry. BYC's P/C Grady Barrentine Team Trophy for the best race team score was won by Port Orchard YC skippers Bill Menees, Fred Cole, Gene Neill and Darrel Wood. The Novice Award was won by Don Merritt of Meydenbauer Bay YC as a first time entry in the Heavy Weather Race.

With the race awards having been made and the contestants and other visiting boats having departed by Sunday noon, the BYC Heavy Weather Weekend social schedule drew to a close. Upon departing, many visitors were heard expressing their appreciation for the hospitality afforded by their hosts and vowing to return next February. It's apparent that the saying "LOG RACING IS A SOCIAL EVENT' accurately described BYC's Heavy Weather Race Weekend.

Mike and Billie Henry
Bremerton Yacht Club

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