Forgotten or misplaced your "User Name" or Password?


Send a brief note to a Webteam member.

- LeeAnn Derror
- Delaney Frye
- Jerry Wein
- Mona-Lisa Ryan

We will reset and send you, by Email (to your return address or the address recorded in the Online Members-Only Directory), a new, temporary password.

After being informed of your new password you may want to (but do not have to) go to the "Edit Your Account" page and change your password again to one which only you know.

In either case, please remember or record it and keep in a place associated with your boat or BYC or store it safely with all your other passwords.

Your password is case-sensitive. Thus, please, remember which capital letters (if any) were included in your password.

Misplaced USERNAME

Your "User Name" is published in the (Members-Only) Directory and therefore accessible to all members. Just ask someone (including us) to look it up for you.

New EMAIL Address?

If you have a new Email address, please change your directory information. If you cannot do that since you misplaced your password, please send an email to the Web Team.

Thank you!

Don't miss anything going on on the "Members-Only" pages just because you cannot find your "User Name" or Password!