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State Waterfront Rights Hassle


1966: Dr. W. E. Rownd skippered the Bremerton Club. The new dry line for fire protection was installed. The Heavy Weather Race results showed three of the first ten places taken by Bremerton boats. At this time there developed a hassle with the State over waterfront rights and a claim for several hundred dollars in back rent. Mr. Chet Simpier handled this affair with the State Land Commission and finally settled for a fee of $275.00 per year with no retroactive rent. Fifteen boats attended the Tacoma Daffodil festival. The Ladies Day Race resulted in Jean Dominy and Helen Hudson in first and second places, respectively. Captain Pete Ross won the International Race and followed this up with 2nd in the Olympia Race, missing first by only three seconds, Captain Ted Morneau won the Goat Flag. Captain Dwight Scheyer parked his boat on a rock near Ladysmith, but nomination for the Goat Flag was beyond the statute of limitations. The club modernization was proposed and a committee was appointed to investigate financing. Captain Ted Morneau's whip the "Intrigue" was chosen as Christmas ship.

Plans for a New Clubhouse

W.G. Woodward

1967 was W. G. "Woody" Woodard's year as Commodore. The initiation fee was raised to $200.00. Dues were raised to $40.00 per year, by motion of the members, but as of this date the raise has not become effective. Plans for the new clubhouse were presented by Captain Ed Day and Captain Stan Wardin was assigned the job of developing a finance plan. Authorization was passed to $150,000.00. The firm of Gilman & Green was employed. A book could be written on what transpired in the next few months, but boiled down to this.

Bank financing could be arranged at 7-12%, but would require a mortgage on the entire property and all work had to be done by a contractor. V. C. Morneau then presented a plan whereby we could use the same plans, having the framing done by a contractor and the finish work by member work parties for an estimated 40 to 50 thousand dollars, if the members would supply that much cash. Captain Warden worked out the financing plan and in no time at all the members ponied up $40,000.00 plus and work started. Bruce Construction Co. (secretly, Bob Fickiesen) did the framing and the work, but many members put in hours far beyond that amount. Result, we now have a fine clubhouse, better than the original plans, new and comfortable caretakers quarters and no mortgage.

In December, the subject of charging for the Heavy Weather breakfast was discussed and it was finally passed that a charge of $1.00 per plate would be put into effect. A sad note of this year recorded the death of our friend Captain Reo Mitchel who collapsed at the helm of his sailing yacht "Sonsy Lass" while in a club race.

Ted Morneau

1969: Ted Morneau became Commodore and continued with his efforts to improve the club facilities. Discussion took place as to the possibility of obtaining a class "H" license, but was voted down.

Captain Eddie Adams became the proud owner of the Goat Flag at his own request.

It was reported that the I.P.B.A. had invited the Bremerton Club to put the Heavy Weather Race under their sponsorship which would require an entrance fee of $2.00 per boat, half to go to the I.P.B.A. A matter of points toward the Jerry Bryant Trophy was involved. It was decided to keep the Heavy Weather Race a Bremerton Yacht Club affair with no entrance fee. As of this writing the points earned will be considered in the Jerry Bryant Trophy Award. The matter of sponsoring the Peninsula Sailing Club was introduced and was turned over to Captain Paul McCullough for further details.

Lew Belden

1970: Lew Belden was the new Commodore.

The Heavy Weather Race was a huge success with 150 plus boats entered. Work is already underway for improvements to our floats and railway. Larry Mecham's "La Rose" is being readied for our entry in the Tacoma Daffodil Parade.

During the year many improvements were made to both floats and clubhouse. A 4,000 gallon tank for gasoline was installed to be hooked up later. Curtains were put in the clubhouse, courtesy of the Skipperettes. Captain Oscar Gunderson was credited with many improvements in the interior of the clubhouse and was awarded a plaque for his services.

The "Escape", owned by Captains Feek, Aaberg, and Keller, served as Christmas ship with Captain Adams "Emmeline" as escort.

The Heavy Weather Race was held on a calm sea and dry though overcast skies. The participation was less than usual, with only 103 boats entered. The next event of the season was the Daffodil festival. At the end of the wettest March in recorded history, the weather man smiled and gave us three days of sunshine for the event and immediately followed with more rain and cold weather. Captain Bud Skelley's "Happy Daze" was our entry and took second overall prize. An appropriate trophy is on display in our trophy case. A program was started to replace the rubber tanks under the floats with glass tanks. The tanks are being made by members work party time.

In May, the Skipperettes arranged an "Open House" with boats of various types on display. The Ladies acted as escorts and the event went off with no confusion plus a handsome profit from the sale of tickets at $1.00 each. In the late summer the Skipperettes purchased and presented to the club, a dishwashing machine.

In the latter part of October, we experienced a north wind at 40 to 50 knots which resulted in the roof of Barney Chase's club owned shed sailing through the air and landing on Dave Ratzloff's "Persistence".

George Rasmussen

Captain George Rasmussen was installed as Commodore on November 1st, 1971.

Historian's Note: This document is remarkably complete for as far as it goes. We will start an update in the near future. Stand by.

P/C Bob Wheeler, BYC Historian 11/02