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Legal Trouble: The Oyster Beds

Fred Jurges

Fred Jurges was Commodore. This year he had the thrill of presenting the trophy for winning the Heavy Weather Race to a member of our club, Captain Fred Steinkraus. After an absence of 7 years the trophy came home. There were 107 entries and the "Merry Me II" led with an error of .6781. During this period from 1947 to 1956 and stretched over a period of several years, we ran into some unexpected legal trouble. It seems that a party by the name of Hugh Banks suddenly appeared with a decision that we were encroaching on his property as he had a lease for oyster rights on the tide lands occupied by our floats. His claim could have developed into a financial shock that would have been more than we could have absorbed. Through the diligent efforts of Captain Bob Crees and the legal advise of Marion Garland, the state decided that since Mr. Banks had only held this lease on paper and had never made any attempt to cultivate an oyster bed, his claims were null - and void. Three years of work went into this litigation and the club will always be grateful to Dr. Crees and Mr. Garland.

Further to 1956, however, we note that the concrete bulkhead in front of the clubhouse collapsed and Captain Ted Hyde was contracted to restore it. Our Christmas ship was Ray Hart's "Donolie".

Hal Edwards

1957; Hal Edwards was our leader. Discussion started regarding the sale of property we had purchased on Point Monroe. The original idea was to provide a rendezvous for our boats, but anchorage was not practical. There were two interested parties and V. C. Huston was authorized to advertise the property for $6,000.00. Sale was finally consummated at $5,500.00. Not bad on an original cost of $600.00. other improvements this year consisted of black topping the yard, purchasing a new mimeograph, and securing a magnet of sufficient power to recover tools dropped overboard by work parties. This worked fine until somebody dropped the magnet. Christmas ship was the "Vivienne", owned by Captain Eddie Bjork.