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The Evolution of BYC's Clubhouse Concept:
From First Meeting Place to the Vision for Phinney Bay

"... And in spite of being handicapped by owning a boat, they actually called a meeting at the Holman residence on May 25th 1929. 26 men from all walks of life showed up and this is where the arguments started about how to run the Club and they continue to this day!"
Source: Bob Wheeler's write-up
Someone developed some clever creative financing and, voila, a clubhouse was contracted out and with members helping, completed in February of 1938.
Source: Bob Wheeler's write-up

As the Club grew in popularity, much discussion centered around a clubhouse modernization program. This argument took many turns and finally, in 1967 came to fruition as the clubhouse we have today but not without a lot of work. An authorization to spend $150,000 was passed and the firm of Gilman and Green was hired to draw up the plans (photos). A book could be written about what transpired over the next few months but boiled down to this.

A plan was adopted whereby the members would come up with $40,000 cash for framing construction done by Bruce Construction Co. (secretly a member) using the aforementioned plans and sweat equity from the membership. The result is the clubhouse we have today and no mortgage! While the finished product doesn't match the artist's concept (below) exactly, it's pretty close. The effort by the membership and the leadership of the Club was truly amazing. [Source]