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1947 - 1956

The history from January 1947 to January 1956 is taken almost entirely from a scrap book of clippings, as the minutes of the meetings are "temporarily" misplaced.

The first item of interest is the report of the Christmas party and the prices in effect at that time. The record shows 91 people served at a total cost of - $135.43. Cooks- $30.00, Food -$88.54, Total receipts $136.50, Profit - $1.07. Next item "Inaugural Ball" January 1952. orchestra $50.00, Total cost including midnight lunch -$81.56. Receipts- $76.00, Deficit -$5.56. This officially honored Sam Kahn.

In February there were 10 clubs, (2 Canadian and 8 Puget Sound) invited to the Heavy Weather Race.

Samuel Kahn

Commodore Kahn presented the trophy to Captain Knowles of Seattle Yacht Club as the winner, among 83 entries. Next came the Tacoma Daffodil Festival in which B.Y.C. took top honors among the visiting boats with Howard Huston's "Hella Bella". (Now named the "Venture" owned by Captain Archie Merrifield). The "Donolie", owned by Ray Hart was our Christmas ship.

Harry Gundlach

Captain Harry Gundlach became Commodore and immediately took over direction and supervision of a $15,000.00 improvement to the moorage facilities previously budgeted by vote of the membership. A very fine job he did, too, as a lot of that job is still sound and serving today.

In the Commodore's Cup Race, Captain Ted Phillips turned in the winning score of .8000. The Heavy Weather Race was won by Mose Vining of Seattle Yacht Club with an error of .837 in a field of 88 entries. Ray Hart's "Donolie" was entered in the Tacoma Daffodil Parade.

H.B. Garrett

H.B. Garrett served as Commodore. This year the Heavy Weather Race was won by Bert Marsden of Queen City Yacht Club with his "Merrily III", error .5237. This was the race which fooled most of the wise old heads of racing. All week we had had winds of 25 to 30 knots from the south. The morning of the race the same condition existed and the radio report was for a continuation of the same. In fact, all the way to the starting station at Winslow the seas were heavy and windy as predicted. However, about an hour before starting time for the slower boats, the wind died to a whisper and the sea flattened out. The result being that the boys who either didn't know how to compute windage or were too lazy to do so, turned in the best logs. On April 23rd, the B.Y.C. members held the 25th Anniversary Ball, presided over by Commodore Garrett and PIC Hob Haven who was the oldest, in time of service, of our living Commodores.

R.A. Finke

R. A. Finke served as our Commodore. Improvements in our floats continued under his direction. The Heavy Weather Race was won by the Commodore of the Rainier Yacht Club, Charlie Maris on the "Carolyn", with a record of .4923.