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2700 Yacht Haven Way (1958)

Howard Houston

Captain Howard Houston flew the Commodore's Flag. We now have a new mailing address: 2700 Yacht Haven Way - a very appropriate name. We joined the Sucia Islands group and paid $329.00 for our share of the purchase of the Islands which were then turned over to the State as a marine park. We find in the Board minutes a very important item, our caretaker, Mrs. Leach, was instructed to lock the doors to her apartment when she retired. We assume this was not so much for Mrs. Leach's protection as to keep uninvited visitors out of the clubhouse. Christmas ship this year was Eddie Adams' "Emmeline".

Dave Ratzlaff

1959: Dave Ratzlaff was elevated to the rank of Commodore. This was the second time a sailboat skipper had received this honor, Dick Finke having been the first. May of this year was the occasion for some major repairs to the floats to be decided upon and Manson Construction Co. was engaged for the job of driving a number of new and additional piling.

In August of this year, berthing rates were revised to $6.00 for the inner string plus $.20 per foot for over 35 feet. Vic Frank of Queen City Yacht Club won the Heavy Weather Race in a new cruiser, the "Viboco" with an almost unbelievable record of .170.


Carl Wilhelm

1960: This was Carl Wilhelm's year as Commodore. During this year Reo Mitchell was initiated and became an enthusiastic sailing skipper with his vessel, the "Sonsy Lass". His untimely demise is covered in a later paragraph. Mrs. Leach submitted her resignation after 20 years of faithful service. The innovation of a gate key was brought up, but met much opposition and no action was taken. The Heavy Weather Race was won by K. D. Wilson of Queen City. However, he also belonged to the Poulsbo Club and for some reason chose to fly the Poulsbo Burgee that day, so Poulsbo claims the honors on a record of .689. This race lived up to its title as the wind and sea were rough enough to cause 22 boats to cancel out at Point Monroe. The Christmas ship this year was Norm Letson's "Merry Me II".

Berger Jaconson

1961: Operations were under command of Commodore Berger Jacobson. The price of gasoline was investigated but no action taken. Captain Schultheis father suffered a severe fall in debarking from the "DonMarJo". In May the decision was made to install an electric lock at the outboard end of the dock. This met with violent opposition on the part of some members, but as things usually do, the storm subsided and it came to be accepted as normal. During a work party, the club covers occupied by Dr. Ruben Benson and Captain Eddie Adams collapsed into the water. As both vessels had been removed to allow for repairs, there was no boat damage. The executive committee learned that our adopted dog, Bic, was not getting enough to eat and authorized the caretaker to buy enough dog food for him and his pal. The Heavy Weather Race was won by Dr. J. C. Powers of Seattle Yacht Club on the "Nautilus" with an error of 1.0480.

Wally Ellis

1962: Wally Ellis became Commodore. His first improvement was the approval of $6,000.00 to bring in a 6" water main to our property. In October, plans were drawn for an "E" type of float with one side to be reserved for visitors. Captain Ralph Smith submitted plans for rebuilding to the south string of floats, which was approved. P/C Jacobson presented a preliminary sketch for a proposed clubhouse modernization. The "Emmeline" was again chosen as Christmas ship. However, we must revert to Columbus Day, October 12th. A 90-mile wind struck the area doing extensive damage to homes and trees. The south string tore loose from the piling and drifted into the north string which fortunately held. The only boat damaged was George Rasmussen's and this was not too severe. The covers and floats suffered quite extensive damage and for awhile it would have been suicide to venture onto the floats as eight foot sheets of metal roofing were sailing through the air like paper plates. This brought about the necessity for needed repairs mentioned earlier in this paragraph.

The Heavy Weather Race was won by Bob Fickiesen of our club, on the "Tongan". Error, an enviable .63. Bremerton Yacht Club also took the Interclub Challenge Race with boats skippered by Carl Wilhelm, Eddie Adams and Harry Gundlach. The "Emmeline" was again chosen as Christmas ship.

Harry Belt

1963: Commodore Harry Belt took the helm. Bob Fickiesen was nominated and received the award for the North West Industries trophy for "Boating Family" of the year. Commodore Belt presented the Goat Flag to P/C Garrett for piloting the Christmas ship "Emmeline" (also became the B.Y.C. entry in the Tacoma Daffodil Parade). Captain Steinkraus was also "authorized" to find new homes for our two dogs. P/C Garrett and Captain Bill Wright took on the job of clearing our property south of our railway which has become our picnic ground. This has been a most valuable addition to our facilities, as it now contains stoves under cover, a water line and tables. Norm Letson's "Merry Me II" served as Christmas ship.

Grady Barrentine

1964: was Grady Barrentine's year as Commodore. A burgee of the proper size to from the club flagpole was donated by Gloria Rownd. The question of public access across our property to the south became a hot subject and a meeting with the adjoining property owner netted nothing. Consequently, in order to keep our parking lot from becoming a public thoroughfare it was decided to close the entrance for one day a year. In August of this year, our present caretakers, Mr. and Mrs. Les Fenton were hired. The Commodore's expense account was raised to $150.00 per year.

Fred Steinkraus

1965: Fred Steinkraus became Commodore. The initiation fee was raised from $100.00 to $150.00. The modernization program became the main topic of discussion. Wally Ellis was the nominee for "Boating Family" of the year. Actually, this was a very active year, but the records have been misplaced and the history is not as complete as it deserves.