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Christmas 2007
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BYC Lighted Boat Parade 2007

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Parade Report (by Vice Commodore)
It is hard to believe another Year has gone by, but not hard to believe that winter is upon us. Speaking of winter, BYC was fortunate to have two brief breaks in the stormy weather during the Annual Lighted Boats Parade. The wind was blowing hard all day before the Parades on both Friday and Saturday, and yours truly thought we were in for some rough seas at Parade time. It is a good bet that each participating Skipper was thinking of his/her own plan as to just how bad the sea conditions would be when it was time to cancel and return to port. Luckily, Lady Luck intervened and calmed the storms just enough each night to allow this Great Event to occur. This Parade requires hours of preparation to decorate each boat, two to three hours of stop and go night navigation each night, and some added out-of-pocket fuel expenditure for each boat owner. The only compensation they receive are the Cheers and applause from the many Hundreds of spectators watching the Parade, hearing the music, and receiving "Greetings" from the Santa Ship. Each one of us owes a Huge round of THANKS to each participating Member, and to our hardy Santa, Logan Knapp, who braves the elements to wave and throw kisses to the spectators. Hats off to each and every one!


On Friday, December 14 and Saturday, December 15, the Bremerton Yacht Club, once again, is privileged to present this year's Santa Ship and Lighted Boats parades to the communities along the waterfront of Bremerton and Silverdale. Typically, 25-30 boats are beautifully decorated for the enjoyment of viewers on Friday and Saturday nights. This year again, Santa will be greatly impressed with the decorations of the homes along the shore which is truly a beautiful sight. In the past, Santa had usually over a thousand greetings "for children of all ages" at close to 200 different stops along the way. He already sends his apologies to anyone he might miss, and will try to do better next year. Chances are he will return on Christmas Eve.

The Bremerton Yacht Club would also like to thank the media for their publicity in support of the local lighted boat parades. Please revisit this page between now and December for all new information and last-minute announcements.
Thank you.
Your BYC WebTeam

New Routes:
  • Friday: Port Washington Narrows & Sinclair Inlet
  • Saturday: Phinney Bay & all of Dyes Inlet
  • Parades Start and Finish: Bremerton Yacht Club

Approximate Schedules!

Deviations from these times may occur due to
currents, weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances

Friday, December 14th

Ruby Point         		18:30 (6:30 p.m.)
Lions Field        		18:43
Warren Ave. Bridge  		18:50
Manette Bridge  		19:00
Point Herron Light  		19:05
Cheney Dock/ Illahee Fence 	19:30
Return                  	19:44
Point Herron Light    		19:56
Bremerton Marina   		20:02
Manette Bridge        		20:06
Warren Ave. Bridge 		20:15
Port Washington Marina 		20:20
Ruby Point              	20:30  

Saturday, December 15th

Ruby Point Start Time  		18:10 (6:10 p.m.)
Phinney Bay                     18:15
Yacht Club Time Check 		18:19
Rocky Point             	18:29
Marine Drive            	18:39
Channel Entry  (oyster bay) 	18:50
Oyster Bay (20 min "hang time") 18:59
Leave Oyster Bay        	19:21
Channel Exit            	19:30
Gravel Dock             	19:43
Jackson Park            	19:49
Erlands Pt.             	20:06
Chico                 		20:18
Silverdale Park       		20:44
Windy Pt.              		21:02
Fairview               		21:05
Tracyton               		21:18
BYC  End             		21:30

PLEASE NOTE A CORRECTION TO THIS MAP: While residents along the shoreline of Phinney Bay will see the lighted ships multiple times on both Friday & Saturday, the official PARADE ROUTE (with Santa's visit & messages) includes Phinney Bay on SATURDAY at the beginning of the parade shortly after 6 p.m.
Red Route: Friday, 14 December, 2007
Yellow Route: Saturday, 15 December, 2007

You want Santa to call out a message from the water?

You want to ask Santa to deliver a message to your family or friends assembled for viewing the Parade? Use one of these three ways to communicate with Santa:

  1. You may send your responses to the questions below by Email. First highlight, then "copy & paste" the questions into your Email and answer them. If at all possible, keep the font size and color unchanged so that Santa can read your answers in the dark! Send the Email to:

  2. You may also use this form for sending your message: (Use this form only if you have had some experience with the use of such forms on your computer and with your ISP) or

  3. Alternatively, send your responses in large typed font, by regular U.S.Mail to:

    Bremerton Yacht Club,
    2700 Yacht Haven Way NW,
    Bremerton, WA 98312

Requests arriving after December 13 cannot be considered.

Thank you!

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Fri (14 Dec)___ Sat (15 Dec)___


Home Phone #:

Cell or alternative phone number during parade:

Identifiable landmark(s) seen from the water AT NIGHT:

Street Address or Name of Park while viewing parade:
(= this is critical information, thus please be specific)

Message (with Names if you like):


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