BYC Heavy Weather Race

BYC 77th Annual Heavy Weather Race

17-19 Feb 2012

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    Mother Nature helped our Heavy Weather Navigation Contest live up to its name this year. All the contestants and guests awoke to a cool, but bright, clear, sunny day Saturday morning with more than just moderate winds apuffin’. Observer Chairlady Linda Ritter and her worthy assistant Billie Henry got to work early to welcome observers for assignment to 41 competing boats. Our own Log Babes Maralee Ormiston, Denise Rosendale and Stacey Longenecker were the charmers who made up the log check-in committee to receive all entries at the morning check-in. Roy Holland polished up his scoring skills from many years ago to successfully serve as our scoring chairman this year. From our Club Steward committee, Babs Miller served up a proper continental breakfast to kickstart the day for observers, contestants and anyone else who wandered through the check-in area.

    After log check-in, contestants, crews and observers cast off to accept the challenge of the 19.7 nm course. This year’s course took them from the start at the Warren Avenue Bridge out Port Washington Narrows and then northbound past Illahee, Brownsville and nearly to Keyport before turning south along the west shore of Bainbridge Island to Point White and then back through the Narrows again to the finish at Rudy Point, just across from the club.

    While the weather conditions provided good visibility for all the aiming points and control points, the wind wasn’t doing us any favors. The post-contest reports from the contestants seemed to agree that the north wind was fairly steady at 20- 25 mph from the north with gusts to 35; fortunately, our course this year did not take us out to the main waters of Puget Sound. So much for clean windows and salt-free topsides. Most skippers maximized the use of the ten percent allowable throttle variation to offset the effects of the wind and wind-driven currents which, in many cases, was woefully inadequate. Before Saturday evening was over, it was apparent that the high winds had the beneficial effect of providing the basis for a wide range of excuses and major story telling. Ah, you gotta love Mother Nature.

    As for the results, there were 44 contestants on 41 boats which can now be done with the new multiple contestant program implemented by IPBA. BYC contestants made up 22 of the 44 total entries and won eight of 18 Overall and Class awards plus the Novice Award that was captured by Tom Huddleston. The Top Three Overall Awards were won by Dick Timmerman, of QCYC, on VAGABOND with the best score of only 0.9249% error, followed by John Murphey, of MBYC, on HOMBRE at 1.3239% and David Padgett, of QCYC, taking Third Place Overall on SLIP AWAY with a score of 1.3459%. BYC trophy winners were;

    Class 1

    First Place Gene Paxton EVENTIDE 2.5650%
    Second Place John Burwell GAVIA 2.8443%
    Third Place Tom Huddleston WHISTLER 3.3907%

    Class 2

    Third Place Steve Brett PRINCESS MOKIHANA 3.4033%

    Class 3

    First Place Chuck Silvernail SOLMAR 1.7970%
    Second Place V/C Leo Longenecker REALITY CHECK 2.2196%

    Class 4

    First Place P/C Mike Henry PEACHY KEEN 2.1628%
    Second Place P/C Bill Rumbold SUNDANCE 2.3256%

    Class 5

    Third Place R/C Rob Bruins OCEAN PEARL 2.2733%

    Novice Trophy Tom Huddleston WHISTLER 3.3907%

    Atlas Award David Cordodor and P/C Bob Wheeler QUICK CHARGE

    My special thanks to Observer Chair Linda Ritter and her assistant Billie Henry, Observer Trainer R/C Rob Bruins, Babs Miller for breakfast, the Log Babes Maralee, Denise and Stacey, Scorer Roy Holland, Contestant Boat Tier-Upper Ron Johnson and his crew, all BYC observers, the BYC Bridge for their support and real participation and, especially, to each of you members who took the time and made the effort to participate as a contestant in the biggest and best log race in the world – without you, it wouldn’t have happened. My sincere thanks to you all.

    P/C Mike Henry

    Regatta Chair for Power

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