Report from the Chair (2003)

[Excerpt from the Towline, submitted 16 February 2003] The big race of the year for BYC was the 69th Annual Heavy Weather Race held on February 15. There was only 38 boats entered, down 12 from last year. We only had 14 BYC boats entered in the contest, but that was enough to win back the Heavy Weather team trophy from Queen City Yacht Club. The weather on race day turned out to be anything but heavy, but a low barometer did make the currents much different then the NOAA predictions. We had nine BYC skippers who won trophies, which included First Overall, the team trophy, and the Novice trophy. The happy winners are as follows:

1st Overall – Jack Hensley on Jubilee with an error of 0.6724 %.
3rd Overall – Chuck Silvernail on Solmar with an error of 0.9842 %.
1st Class 1 – P/C Paul Earsley on Conquest with an error of 1.0173 %.
2nd Class 1 – Mike Thomas on Inshallah with an error of 1.4827 %.
1st Class 2 - John Rosendale on Mistic Blue with an error of 1.1483 %.
2nd Class 2 – Owen Ritter on Outbound with an error of 1.2782 %.
3rd Class 2 – Commodore Bill Rumbold on Sundance with an error of 1.7089
1st Class 3 – P/C Mike Henry on Peachy Keen with an error of 1.3742 %.
2nd Class 5 and Novice trophy – Jill Bishop on Sea Fever with an error of

The P/C Grady Barrentine Heavy Weather Team trophy was won by the four man team of Jack Hensley, Chuck Silvernail, P/C Paul Earsley, and John Rosendale with an average error of 0.9556 %.


Jack Hensley
Regatta Chairman for Power

A Welcome from The Commodore!

15 January 2003

Dear Skippers and Mates,

The Bremerton Yacht Club again challenges you to bring your skills and talents to BYC’s Heavy Weather Race, the biggest log race in the nation and the best log racing weekend in the entire world! This year’s contest, while including the BYC trademark challenges, is based on a straightforward course that, I have been assured, will once again afford you an excellent opportunity to do very well in our race.

This fantastic race will be held on Saturday, 15 February 2003, and will be part of the

“HEAVY WEATHER WEEKEND” of 14 – 16 February

Like our own Past Commodore, Mike Henry likes to say (and has indoctrinated us into believing):


You will find a full schedule of events 3 planned for your enjoyment commencing Friday afternoon and ending Sunday morning with a delicious breakfast and presentation of “the hardware’. While we are not serving a meal on Saturday evening, we have made arrangements for you to order from a nearby fast-food delivery.

Your arrival anytime after noon on Friday will be appreciated and we will have crews on hand to assist in mooring. Moorage along the north side of our condo cover will be reserved exclusively for racers for the weekend. Should you require special moorage due to physical constraints, contact Regatta Chairman, Jack Hensley at 360 373-2423 or via e-mail

We look forward to seeing you all and to a great contest!

Bill Rumbold, Commodore


Saturday February 15, 2003

The 69th Annual Bremerton Yacht Club Heavy Weather Predicted Log Navigation Contest is scheduled for February 15, 2003. This is the largest predicted log navigation contest of its kind in the world.  The object of this contest is to demonstrate a skipper's navigational skills at normal vessel cruise speeds, as opposed to other types of contests that involve high vessel speeds. It is anticipated that approximately 50 to 60 contestant boats will entere to challenge the 23 nautical mile course. They will transit Port Washington Narrows, Sinclair Inlet, Rich Passage, and Yukon Harbor over a period from about noon to 4:30 PM on February 15.  The competing skippers are veteran boaters who take this sport very seriously, are well aware of the capabilities of their vessels and maintain a keen vigilance of everything around them.  The essence of a navigation contest is to compare a skipper's predicted elapsed time over a prescribed course with the actual cruise time to run the course, and the skipper with the closest times wins.  The challenge of predicting the currents through Port Washington Narrows and Rich Passage has, over the years, made this a very difficult part of the contest course. 

Each of the contest boats is required to have an independent observer on board, who's duty is to record the time of day at the start of the contest and at each of it's six checkpoints. It is from these recorded times that the contest committee establishes the contest winners. Trophies are awarded for the top three overall winners, as well as the top three in each of five classes.  An award is given to the yacht club who has the best four man team score and a trophy is also given to the best skipper who has entered the contest for the first time. 

Impartial observers play a key part in the contest, as they represent the yacht club during the actual running of the course and record the required times needed to establish the winners. Training for observers will be held at the Bremerton Yacht Club on Tuesday, February 11, and Wednesday, February 12, at 7:00 PM each night, with donuts and coffee provided. Anyone interested in being a observer during the contest should attend one of the two training sessions.

Heavy Weather Weekend is a busy time at the Bremerton Yacht Club, starting on Friday night with a light dinner available at the clubhouse and music to dance away the night. Saturday is the Heavy Weather Navigation Contest, followed that evening by skits put on by the different yacht clubs, followed by more music and dancing and a late night snack. Sunday is the famous Heavy Weather breakfast followed by the presentation of awards and trophies.

For more information about the Bremerton Yacht Club Heavy Weather Navigation Contest or being an observer stay tuned to this Web site ( or contact:

Jack Hensley
Regatta Chairman for Power
Tel.: (360) 373-2423

From the Float Chair (2003):
Heavy Weather weekend is Feb. 14, 15, & 16. If you are moored under the common cover and you are planning to race let me know so that we can find a non-racer to trade slips with you prior to the timbers going up. The timbers will be put up Thursday Feb. 13th at 1300 and removed on the 16th at 1300. We will also need a block of slips on the north side of "A" string for contestant check in. Information can be put in the Float Chairman mailbox, or you can give me a call at 782-0219.


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