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Heavy Weather

Wine Tasting - 17 February, 2006

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  • The Friday night social / kick off to Heavy Weather weekend started with winds and chilly temperatures. Even with adverse conditions we had 42 BYC members and 24 guests that attended.

    Photos: Sylvia Wilson

    What the heck? Both wines are good!

    Win or loss, let's wash it down!

    Our wine experts were from Young's Columbia Wine Company from Renton; district manager Tod Nelson, and sales representative Kevin Gardner. After three wine tastings I have learned that wine has a very mystic quality, and the "wine tasting contest" proves that most of us can't tell the difference (when blind folded) between red wine and white wine. We had 10 contestants in the wine tasting contest, who each paid $6.00 for a chance to win the 5 liter bottle of fine Italian wine. After 4 rounds of intense competition, we had two final contestants that were tied with 50 points each. For the final round they had to pick between a cab and a merlot, and our very own Pam Smith came up on the losing side. Linda Cole from Port Orchard Yacht Club was the winner.

    Our popular VC

    Heart-healthy grape juice!

    Featured Pianist & Couple in Charge

    One more winning ticket?

    I heard a lot of very positive responses about the wine tasting, and the event went very smoothly. I had hoped for another 40 people to attend, but it was a great kick-off to the weekend. We had a positive cash flow - which was due to some great raffle items, and PC Mark Miller's presentation and sales.

    Nancy and I want to thank all of the committee members (Sam & Barb Throm, Keith Hallman, Ray & Sharon Baker, Mark & Roxanne Miller, Laurie VonRuden, Silvia Nelson, Leo Longnecker & Stacy Neil, and John & Marilyn Adair) for their help.

    We hope that you all feel as we do - it was a lot of work, but we had fun at the same time.

    Thank you one and all for your help and attendance.

    (Capt Andy Kupp)

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