From: G & U Krumme 
Sent: Wednesday, June 15, 2005 12:36 PM
Subject: HW Review Committee

A  suggestion for the basic structure of a HW publicity strategy, since I cannot be at the meeting on Thursday. I am sure there are 
lots of omissions, but it may be a start:

Tow major premises:
1.Divide any publicity strategy into the
    Before HW, 
    During the event and 
    After HW:

2. Everything which is listed below assumes that there will be a dedicated HW Website which manages all HW-specific information & 
communication. Thus, I ask the members of this committee to review the present HW Website and help me by suggesting
    a) additional content, and 
    b) facets related to the organization of this Website.

A. Before Heavy Weather:
    1. Media
        11. Newspapers
        12. Boating Magazines
        13. BYC Web Site
	14. Links to BYC Web Site to be encouraged!
    2. Directly to Clubs
        21. Mail & Email
        22. Visits
		a. which clubs?
		b. nature of presentation?
		c. which materials for whom?
    3.Directly to Individuals
        31. Mail & Email
        32.Past Racers
        33.. Others
    4.Types of Information and PR:
        41. Racing Information
        42. Information about BYC 
            421.Moorage, directions by land, hosts etc.
            422.Social Program etc.
            433.Community Resources
                a. Bremerton & Silverdale
                    aa. Kitsap Way
                    (QFC, Panda Inn (also delivers), Pizza etc.)
                b. Ground transportation: hosts courtesy cars    

B. DURING Heavy Weather:
        1. Hosting media representatives:
            11. Persons/media to be invited
            12. Available hosts & boat 
            13. BYC members (Bridge etc.) to be interviewed
            14. Other photo opportunities
        2. Available computer in Clubhouse
                    for visitors and media reps
        3. All information important for visitors (and BYC members) on BYC WebSite

C. AFTER: Information available in the 
                a. Clubhouse, 
                b. on the Web and 
                c. to be sent to 
                    aa. media & 
                    bb. participants (?)
        1. Racing Results
        2. Information about media coverage
        3. Information about how to order photos
        4. Address of Website reports & photos

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