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Heavy Weather Racers, Officers, Committee Chairs and other BYC Members, other Participants & Guests are cordially invited to participate in the documentation of the entire 2006 Heavy Weather event.
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16 March 2006
With the sun shining, today, I am reminded of what a beautiful weekend we had for Heavy Weather Weekend. Spending the weekend with members and visitors from the Grand XIV clubs was really fun and something we are fortunate to have the opportunity to do every year. Boats, captains and family came in all through the weekend from Queen City, Tacoma, Day Island, Port Orchard, Gig Harbor and Meydenbauer Bay Yacht Clubs, among others. I am already looking forward to next year when hopefully we will have even greater participation. A big thank you goes to V/C Ron Morse for coordinating the weekend. (Rear Commodore Don Hardgrove)

12 March 2006
It appears that the decision to make our Heavy Weather Weekend a four day event was a good one! What a fun time! Many thanks to all who helped make the weekend so successful. It certainly involved a huge number of Club members but spreading the time over an extra day gave everyone a chance to participate and have a good time as well.
Vice Commodore Ron Morse

Report from P/C Leo Longenecker (8 March 2006):

Heavy Weather contest was a great success for BYC. We took 9 of the 18 class and overall trophies. Congratulations to Chuck Silvernail for taking first overall. His time for first overall. BYC also is able to keep the team trophy in house again this year. Captain Silvernail, Captain Ritter, Captain Hensley and P/C Longenecker comprised the winning team of the 4 best scores. All the results were published in the last Towline article. Thanks again to P/C Rumbold for arranging the observers. Thanks to the log babes, Denise, Stacy, and Maralee again for helping with log check in. The contest had high scores which is just exactly what I had hoped for. The way log racing should be.

Report from P/C Leo Longenecker (20 February 2006):

We had a great contest yesterday. The weather was sunny, warm, well, 45 degrees and calm. We had 34 boats in the contest. Unfortunately, the numbers were way down (due to the overnight cold weather, the editor). All the social events went off well. For the second time (first time: 2002), Chuck Silvernail won first place overall. BYC took 9 of the 18 trophies including the coveted the team trophy. Thus, we get to keep both the first place plaque and team trophy for the coming year (after a year of absence, ed.)!

Four Yacht Clubs were in contention for the "Team Trophy": Gig Harbor YC, Meydenbauer YC, Queen City YC, and Bremerton YC. The combined total of the top four racers in each club are combined for a total score.

Bremerton Yacht Club was the team winner: Members of the wining team were Capts. Chuck Silvernail, Owen Ritter, Jack Hensley, and P/C Leo Longenecker.

(Capt. Chuck Silvernail)


Heavy Weather Weekend at Bremerton Yacht Club in the Pacific Northwest kicked off with a Friday evening of wine tasting – perfect for some proper pre-racing attitude adjustment. Saturday started with continental breakfast in the clubhouse while the visiting club skit teams learned that “Sea Chanties” would be the theme for their skit performances to be performed that evening; each team then had the remainder of the day to create and fine-tune their thespian efforts in preparation for their evening performances. Saturday evening started with a social hour that preceded a great sit-down barbequed ribs dinner. Following dinner, four clubs presented their versions of “Sea Chanties”, which ranged from traditional to heavily stretched versions, all of which were wonderful entertainment. Queen City YC sang their way to first place and were awarded year-long custody of the “Rubber Clam Gun” trophy. Finally, a band took the stage and provided us with dance music for another several hours.

While Mother Nature may have opened her freezer to us for a few of the previous nights, race day Sunday dawned with clear, sunny skies and without any wind; so much for “heavy weather” again this year. Great day for predicted log racing in February. 34 entries defrosted out enough to get to Bremerton Yacht Club for the start of the race. The course of 17 miles took us on a tour of Sinclair Inlet plus a fixed throttle round trip through Rich Passage in pleasantly warming sunny weather and flat seas. All boats and crews returned by mid-afternoon, turned their contest logs and readied themselves for the evening’s festivities. At 1730 hours, the social (and story telling) hour commenced – also known as “dance” hour since it seems that IPBA racers will tap dance all around any question regarding their own scores since they are quite reluctant to divulge any of that info prior to the formal awards presentation. Race awards followed the sit-down dinner with Racemaster Leo Longenecker and BYC Commodore Charles Billings making the presentations.

Chuck Silvernail of host BYC led all finishers with 0.7609 %, followed by Dean Lentgis (1.5732%) and Bill Anderson (1.6479%), both from Queen City YC. Interestingly, both Chuck and Dean have previously won this race while this was Bill’s first time at Heavy Weather. Awards were also presented to the first three places in each of five classes and to the racers with the best score in each of seven legs; the novice trophy went to Bill Anderson of QCYC for the best score of all first-time participants in Heavy Weather. The traveling team trophy for the best score of the top four finishers from each participating club went to Bremerton YC.

Heavy Weather Weekend wrapped up Monday morning with a breakfast in the clubhouse and thanks being given to all who attended and helped make the four day celebration a resounding success.

(P/C Mike Henry)

Wine Tasting - February 17, 2006

The Friday night social / kick off to Heavy Weather weekend started with winds and chilly temperatures. Even with adverse conditions we had 42 BYC members and 24 guests that attended.

Our wine experts were from Young's Columbia Wine Company from Renton; district manager Tod Nelson, and sales representative Kevin Gardner. After three wine tastings I have learned that wine has a very mystic quality, and the "wine tasting contest" proves that most of us can't tell the difference (when blind folded) between red wine and white wine. We had 10 contestants in the wine tasting contest, who each paid $6.00 for a chance to win the 5 liter bottle of fine Italian wine. After 4 rounds of intense competition, we had two final contestants that were tied with 50 points each. For the final round they had to pick between a cab and a merlot, and our very own Pam Smith came up on the loosing side. Linda Cole from Port Orchard Yacht Club was the winner.

I heard a lot of very positive responses about the wine tasting, and the event went very smoothly. I had hoped for another 40 people to attend, but it was a great kick-off to the weekend. We had a positive cash flow - which was due to some great raffle items, and PC Mark Miller's presentation and sales.

Nancy and I want to thank all of the committee members (Sam & Barb Throm, Keith Hallman, Ray & Sharon Baker, Mark & Roxanne Miller, Laurie VonRuden, Silvia Nelson, Leo Longnecker & Stacy Neil, and John & Marilyn Adair) for their help.

We hope that you all feel as we do - it was a lot of work, but we had fun at the same time.

Thank you one and all for your help and attendance.

(Capt Andy Kupp)

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