Heavy Weather 2006:
Observers & Observer Training


  • Observers & Observer Training
    1. Press Release
    2. IPBA Guide for Observers (rtf)
    3. Outline of the Observer Duties (rtf)

    Anyone can be an observer and the public is invited and encouraged to participate. We need at least 60 observers. This is an opportunity for a non-boater to get a ride on a yacht and see the area from a different perspective.

    Observer training will be conducted by Capt Rob Bruins on Feb. 15th 2006 (Wednesday) at BYC starting at 7 pm.


    • Bill Rumbold (Tel: 360 698-7258),
    • Leo Longenecker (leolongenecker@yahoo.com) or
    • Rob Bruins (topfuel79@wavecable.com); Tel: (work) 315-1916; (home) 830-4070
    if you are interested.

    Attached is the IPBA Guide for Observers which is a four page narrative on overall instructions and the other is a single page outline of the Observer Duties. This information is covered during the Wednesday (15 February) Training Session in addition to

    • reviewing Heavy Weather history,
    • what to expect on race day,
    • the "safety rule",
    • review the course description, and
    • how the Contest Log is filled out.
    Rob Bruins

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