Heavy Weather Skits 2005: "Cabaret"

Anonymous Judges
Who took the old head gear?

Coveted 1st Prize
(Rubber Clam Gun)

First Prize (with professional help!?): Gig Harbor YC

Third Prize: Days Island Yacht Club

Second Prize: BYC with: "Lumberjack's Adventures in Neptune's Dreamland"

Alarm rings! Jack turns off the alarm and falls back asleep. Jack needs to get up to catch a ferry
-- instead oversleeps...
Jack appears in a row boat and begins
rowing across the bay singing ...

Row, Row, Row Your Boat Gently cross the Bay... Click here!

.... Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily Life is but a Dream

Directing the Orchestra...
The Dinghy proves to be less safe than the Ferry System:
Lumberjack finds himself surrounded by Nymphs, Neptune and Ma Ma Mia

Jack: Oh please just let me go!

Neptune: I will not let you go!

Homeland Security
& the Ferry System

Ma, Ma Mia makes her appearance accompanied by the Sea Nymphs!!!

Ma Ma Mia Reveals her Secret Weapon...
Sea Nymphs: You Must Let Him Go!!! ... Let Him Goooooo ... Let Him Goooooo....

Ma Ma Mia

Director & EMCEE:
The Man in Charge

To Die or Not to Die...

The Humble Screenwriter, Producer & Director
Receives the Ultimate Accolade

Director & Stage Hand

Social Man: I am the Law

Watch Your Glasses, Lumberjack!

Photos: WebTeam (sw/gk) & Billie Henry

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Last Update: 20 March 2005