Opening Day 2007

"And a great Elvis head it was! Yes, we'd love to hear the story behind the head with pictures. Please send info to ... We'll all be interested to see how the eyebrow and lips were moved. As we're going to press soon we'll need materials right away. We look forward to seeing them. Congratulations." [Email from an editor]

Official SYC Photos are posted:
Three of them show our Elvis!


OPENING DAY at Seattle YC:
  • Sponsored Decorated - "Past Commodore’s Trophy" Class "P"
    1st Place Blind Faith Bremerton Yacht Club P05
  • Best Overall to the Opening Day Theme - "Admiral's Trophy" Winner Blind Faith Bremerton Yacht Club P5


  • Jenny's Column: Elvis Wins in Montlake Cut (The Inside Story)*

    The King Lives at BYC : Watch the Elvis Production on YouTube

    Photos: Charlie Billings, Mark Miller and Mike & Billie Henry

    Part of the Winning Team

    Actually on Blind Faith during the Parade were: Skipper Mona-Lisa Ryan, Jennifer, Don and John Hardgrove on the bow, Deana Brett, Don and Donna Park, Jo Carr, Sara McStay (Kevin McStay's daughter age 13) Stefani Ryan (Mike & Lisa's daughter) and companion Keenan McWhorter on the stern and in the Fly Bridge were Captain Mike Ryan, Kevin McStay - Lip Master and M.C., Alan Martin and Gary Carr.

    Shouldn't I win the
    Elvis Look-Alike Contest?

    John& Jennifer
    in a quiet Elvis Moment

    Commodore, Creative Director(s) & Skipper

    Do you remember last year when BYC also won the coveted Admiral's Trophy on Opening Day for the overall best response to the 2006 Parade's Theme ("Caribbean Carnival")?

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