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Daffodil Festival at Tacoma Yacht Club is over, and I can attest to the fact that everyone who went, had a great (although wet) time. TYC definitely pulls out all of the stops to make the weekend successful. While we didn't bring home any trophies, we did have fun, and because we had "matched emergency rain ponchos" for all of the BYC team who were outside during the parade, it did not rain. As a matter of fact, after we passed the reviewing stand, most of us put on our sunglasses.

Due to the weather forecast, we elected to take a safer tack and use Capt. John Rosendale's "Mystic Blue" as the Officers' Boat instead of Capt. Pat Alexander's "Illusions". While it didn't rain, we had a fierce wind, and I think everyone felt safer with the high bulwark and hand rails. An additional plus was the fact that when our float boat, Capt. Jim Picinich's "Harbor Lights" played "Who let the dogs out!", while passing the reviewing stand, Denise Rosendale let Murphy, Madeline and Molly out of the cabin to run up to the front deck of "Mystic Blue". We're sorry we didn't have "Bob the dog" along with us on NOBSKA, as he was at the dog motel. Thanks, Jim, John and Pat, for supporting BYC with your vessels, and thanks to all who participated in the decorating and the supporting actor/actress roles. (V/C Charles Billings)

Team Trivia Competition

Graduation Joys: "Gaudeamus Igitur..."

BYC's "Professor" gets instructions at the "Wheel of Fortune"
Attentive Students

Nature calls...

Chair of BYC Daffodil Participation: Jim Markham
Assisted by Fleet Captain Andy Kupp


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Posted: 19 April 2005