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Photo: Marcia Trott

Thanks to the combined efforts and talents of Capt. Andy Kupp, P/C Bob Bachman, and their crew, the annual Memorial Day Weekend Cruise to Oro Bay was a resounding success.

Wreath Laying Ceremony
The volunteers from the AIF&R crew, combined with the members of BYC, and the local bluegrass bands put on a phenomenal party on Saturday. As I mentioned in my announcements toward the end of the festivities, this annual event is one we will continue to host at our outstation to better accommodate those attending, and alleviate the challenge of getting to the Fire Chief’s dock when the tide does not cooperate, as it did this year. The Memorial Day service was emotional for many of us, and proved to be a fitting tribute to those members of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines who have made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf.
(Commodore Charles Billings)

Those who did not attend the Memorial Day Cruise to Oro Bay missed a great weekend! At one point there were 31 boats and 2 land yachts present. The weather was just perfect for all the events. The BBQ hosted on Saturday by the Anderson Island Fire Chief in our gazebo was the highlight of the weekend. The food was superb accompanied by live bluegrass music talent from Anderson Island. Sunday started with the Pancake Breakfast at the fire hall then followed by a “dressed boat” parade through Oro Bay, a predicted log dinghy race (won by P/C Rumbold with your V/C as observer), horse racing under the direction of P/C Carr and then the Memorial Day Observance under the preparation and organization of Fleet Captain Bob and Gerri Bachman and previous Fleet Captain Andy and Nancy Kupp. Thank you all for a job well done!
(V/C Ron Morse)

[....] Seven days later we sailed to Anderson Island for our first Memorial Day Cruise with BYC. We arrived at Oro Bay ten hours later, which was two hours earlier than I predicted. It was great to finally get there and see so many of you out enjoying the beautiful day that was recorded to be over 90 degrees. We were saved a place to tie up right next to the Krumme’s who graciously shared their deck and play time with John our son. This weekend was fun from beginning to end with great meals, Dinghy races, and even a surprise song sung by our own Commodore Charlie. Who knew he is so talented! I can’t wait to hear Ron sing, too. Congratulations to the Participants and winners in the games, Dinghy races and Chilli cook-off. We are looking forward to going back. Thanks Fleet Captains’ Andy Kupp and Bob Bachman. Those of you thinking about coming out for a BYC cruise - Do so; it’s worth it!
(R/C Don Hardgrove)

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