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New Member Application Procedure

New members are normally identified in two ways: current members know a candidate personally or an individual contacts the club asking for information.

In the first situation where two current club members are acquainted with a prospective member and are willing to sponsor the applicant for membership, the procedure is as follows.

  • The "candidate" is invited to a regularly scheduled club meeting and introduced as a visitor.
  • If the candidate chooses to apply for membership, the sponsoring member provides a copy of the informational brochure and an application.
  • The "sponsor" assists the candidate in completing the application and starts the general orientation process with the candidate. See Sponsor's Membership Checklist
  • The membership chair is contacted. The completed application, initiation fees, and if desired a moorage request (with copy of current state boat registration) is given to the membership chair.
  • The membership chair will arrange a time to interview the candidate to insure that all relevant information is available.
  • The membership chair will call the two sponsors to ascertain the sponsors past knowledge of and relationship with the candidate. The club expects that both sponsors have previously known the candidate and can personally support the candidate when presented to the e-committee for a vote.
  • The prospective member is invited to a business meeting where the membership chair and sponsors will formally introduce him/her to the club.
  • The application is presented to the e-committee at its next regularly scheduled meeting. Both sponsors must be present to provide information on the candidate prior to a vote on membership by the committee. The candidate does not attend this meeting.
  • If approved by the e-committee, the club secretary will invite the candidate to the next business meeting for the induction ceremony. This is the date that he/she is formally "obligated" in the club.

In the second situation where an individual seeks membership without having the required two sponsors, the membership chair will meet with the prospective member and provide club and application information. The chair will then invite the prospective applicant to upcoming club meetings or events where they will be introduced as a "prospective member." Additionally, his/her name and background information will be published in subsequent newsletters. Ideally through this process, club members will become aware of the prospective member's interest and be able to initiate a relationship that will lead to identifying the two required sponsors.

Requests for additional information should be directed to the membership chair.