From the Bridge

Rear View

Susan and I truly enjoyed cruising the San Juan Islands with a good-sized group of members. At one point we had fifteen boats moored together one of those evenings. With only ten days available to us we had to leave the group early. It has been great to see the Facebook postings of the trip. The good times continued.

The Big Brother Cruise proved to be an event as awesome as expected. Queen City left after enjoying the weekend and scratching their heads as to how they were going to step up their game for their turn hosting next year. The dinghy races were exciting, even though BYC entries were largely disqualified for beating their predicted times. It was great! Sail boat races weren't so wind. The only entertainment was the splashing, squirt gun battle that ensued. And the band Saturday evening was a great hit and everyone truly enjoyed the food all weekend, Congratulations to Tom and Hillary Obenchain for planning, organizing and executing a great event.

As usual the July 3rd Fireworks in Poulsbo, was a well-attended event. That and Bremerton's Bridge Blast made for a wonderful week of celebrating our nation's independence.

We are still looking forward to the July Picnic in the Park as I write this. But it looks like another great event coming down the pike. And there are members jockeying for positions on the dock at Silverdale for Whaling Days ten days in advance. I know they are looking forward to the fun there.


Off the Bow

Seafair, though not a club event does have a lot of attendance by club members. It leads the parade for August events the first weekend of Aug, 8/3-5.

The following weekend, 8/10-12, we host all the Bridge Officers of the Grand Fourteen Yacht Clubs. The Rear Commodore, Bill Karwacki, with the guidance of the Vice Commodore, Sean Swansboro are busily planning that event. Their list of to-do items is long. Please assist, if asked, in preparing for the weekend. This is where we make the best initial impression on the new Rear Commodores. 8/10-12

The annual Pig Roast is happening Sun, Aug 19. Jim Chiles is busily planning that event. He mentions it every time I see him. I know it is going to be a huge event. It has been a while since Jim hosted the pig roast and he is excited about doing it again. Flyers are posted in the clubhouse. Sign up early as he is looking to get a bigger pig if demand requires it.

A Dinghy Poker Run, hosted by the VC is scheduled for SAT, 8/25. Details of that event are still being worked but be on the lookout.

And then, the bitter-sweet event, the Labor Day Cruise-In to Oro Bay 8/31 - 9/3. Sweet because it is always a great time, with good food, fun events, and lots of time to relax and visit, catching up on summer adventures. Bitter because we all know it marks the winding down of summer. Thankfully fall and winter cruising offers its own unique experience to look forward to.

Sep Events:

·        Labor Day – No General Meeting – MON, Sep 3.

·        Friday Night Social hosted by VC- FRI, Sep 7

·        Salmon Bake – SUN, Sep 9

·        First General Meeting of the year- MON, Sep 17

·        Cruise to Nowhere – FRI to SUN, Sep 28 – 30

·        Oktoberfest- SAT, Sep 29