From the Bridge

Rear View

This year's Commodore Ball was a fabulous event. The Saikkonens, with Stacy Longenecker as the chair, put on a grand, memorable event honoring Past Commodore John Burwell and his First Mate, Nina. It was a fabulous finish for the Burwell's.

The B-string party was a success despite the weather toying with us. The Weninger's won the award for the best decorated Boathouse.

The Parking Lot Sale had some walking away with some real finds and the weather certainly cooperated.

Rear Commodore Bill and Ramona Karwacki's inaugural event, the first Picnic in the Park, street taco extravaganza was a great hit, a fabulous get together and a wonderful way to obligate some new members.

As I am writing this, we are anxiously awaiting the biggest club event of the summer, the Big Brother Cruise. If there is some wind, I am a little nervous about people learning I know anything about sailing. I did want a sailboat once, but Susan insisted I wasn't thinking clearly. I am sure the powered dinghy races will get the blood pumping.


Off the Bow

We find ourselves in the situation of having to cancel the July E-committee meeting.  People are cruising. Can't think of a better reason.


As usual the July 3rd Fireworks in Poulsbo, will be a big, well-attended event. After last year's celebration, there was some consideration of making it an official club cruise as there were 40+ BYC boats on the dock or in the harbor.

A carnival sounding affair is planned for the July Picnic in the Park, July 25. Hot dogs, hamburgers are on the menu. And pie will have a significant role with both a Best Pie Award and a pie-eating contest. I am not sure what is planned for dessert. Games and prizes are advertised...including my personal favorite, the Dunk Tank!

Silverdale Whaling Days, July 27-29, is another one of those events that people are always suggesting should be an official BYC club event. It is a very short trip by boat and certainly puts you in the center of the festivities. Early arrival is essential.


Aug events:

-        Seafair 8/3-5

-        Grand 14 Officer Cruise-In @ BYC 8/10-12

-        Pig Roast 8/19

-        Dinghy Poker Run, Hosted BY VC 8/25

-        Labor Day Cruise-In TO Oro Bay 8/31 – 9/3