From the Bridge

Rear View

August was once again a wonderful month for boating activities. While the weather was a bit warm and smoky at times, it certainly was boating friendly with no rain and little wind. We hope everyone took advantage of the great opportunities presented.

BYC hosted the Grand 14 Officer's Cruise-In the second week in August. This event takes place annually to allow the incoming class of Rear Commodores to meet and bond, and to be welcomed into the Grand 14 by the Vice-Commodores and Commodores. We had 68 visitors from the other Grand 14 clubs arriving on 30 boats, and we want to thank the BYC membership for graciously making room for our visitors and the friendliness they were shown on the docks. We had great fun welcoming the 2020 Commodore Class of the Grand 14, now known as the "Voyagers" with a sextant as their class symbol, into the fold. We would like to thank the club members that helped spruce up the club in advance of the weekend, and our wives Nina, Susan, and Melinda for all their hard work in helping us pull off this weekend. It was again a spectacular success.

The Youth Sailing Program was a great hit this year, filling out the four one-week sessions with a total of 47 kids taking part. Our thanks to Captains Bill Kaiser and Mark and Sally Camp for joining forces with long-time sailing program champions Sam Throm and Captain PC Mike Dunn. This is a fun summer time activity that gives the kids and their families a great introduction to boating and BYC.

We wrapped up the summer Picnics in the Park with a great Pig Roast put on by PC Don and Donna Park. They were assisted by their committee of Captains Sally Camp, Bill Nacca, Nena Andrews, Lori Frey, Stacy Longenecker, and Mike and PC Mona Lisa Ryan, and the overnight fire watch crew of Mark Camp, Buzz Priestley, and PC Don Floyd. Thank you all for a great picnic event.

Off the Bow

As we write this Towline, we are looking forward to the Oro Bay Cruise-In for this Labor Day weekend. With a couple of Cruise-Ins already in their back pocket, we know Fleet Captain Dick and Carrie Haney have some great meals and activities planned for the weekend before we turn our eyes to the fall season.

Keep September 10th open on your calendar for our Annual Salmon Bake. Captain Norm Smith has a great crew lined up for this always favorite event. Norm has picked up the baton from long-time chair Don Sherwood and is looking to enlist newer members to continue to carry the tradition forward.

This is followed by our first of the season General Meeting on Monday September 18th at 7:00. This will be our first opportunity to catch up on the activities of the Executive Committee over the summer and attend to new business for the year. As we resume our regular business and social activities, there will be opportunities for members to jump in and get involved. Please let the various event and committee chairs know of your interest.

Then, be sure to mark your calendars for other upcoming events:

16 Sept: Stimson Cup Navigation Contest at Port Madison

29 Sept - 1 Oct: Club Cruise-In to Arabella's Landing in Gig Harbor

6 Oct: Oktoberfest Dinner hosted by PC Bob and Jytte Wheeler




From the swim step of the Widjadidja... We are the Voyagers!! Class of 20/20. It was great meeting my other Rear Commodores of the Grand 14, we hit it off well!! Extremely well. The Officer's Cruise-in was a huge success and that was due to the overwhelming support I received from the BYC, past PC's with sound advice, and club members who allowed me the use of their slips. I would like to give special thanks to PC John Rosendale for playing the role of Dock Master, squeezing in 30 boats, Jim Minard for helping with the docking plan, Vice Commodore Phil LeBas for passing on lessons learned and being a great sounding board, and Rear-Commodorable Melinda for her support. Oh yeah, there were so many compliments about our BYC facilities, I am proud to serve this club.

RC Sean Swansboro SEXTANTS!!!!


BYC Courtesy

As our membership has grown again, parking becomes an issue. The parking nearest the marina dock, the north lot, is intended for short term parking for those accessing the marina or facilities for the day. For those that will be gone for the weekend or longer, it is requested that they park in the south lot. For those gone for extended periods, please park well to the south and west and also, please leave a labeled key to your vehicle in the club store in the event that your vehicle needs to be moved in your absence.