From the Bridge

We would like to begin by thanking the Past Commodores of the yacht club for the great Autumn Warm-Up breakfast they served, though we note that it was more of a Winter Warm-Up with the snow that morning. Thanks also to Paul and Heather Diamond for chairing the Apple Cup party and the Club Decorating. The Apple Cup outcome is unknown as we write this, but we do know that some are happy, and some are sad, and some from Alabama don't care. We also know the clubhouse looks fantastic!

The Holiday Season is fully upon us, and we have many joyful events to enjoy at the club. Flyers are posted in the club house and on the website. Of special note are the Children's Christmas Party, two exceptional opportunities for our membership to give to our community - the Special Peoples Cruise and Lighted Boat Parades - and an opportunity for our club leadership to give back to our membership at our Christmas Dinner. Each of these events are special in their own way, but every one of them are great club social events.

We wish to also call your attention to a busy business agenda ahead of us. We have several significant By-Law and Regulation revisions being proposed. As required by our By-Laws, these revisions proposed are included in this Towline. The Executive Committee, Live-aboard Committee, and other members have worked hard to prepare these for membership consideration. Based on the challenging and energetic debate that has surrounded the evolution of these recommendations, we expect these will not necessarily be easy decisions for the membership. However, it is the membership that makes these decisions in this organization, not the Executive Committee, not the Bridge, but the members that show up to vote. So please, take the time to study the revisions proposed, talk about them with others, and show up prepared to engage in civil debate and add your vote to setting our future course.

We are looking forward to this busy time and hope you will have the opportunity to contribute to and participate in many of these events.