From the Bridge

Hello everybody! First off, on behalf of Past Commodore Dan and Rose Saikkonen and our new Bridge officers and mates, thank you so much for your support and love at the Change of Watch ceremony. It is exciting to bring Rear Commodore Sean and Melinda Swansboro into our fold, and we hope that we can keep up with them. We are truly honored to represent Bremerton Yacht Club, and to have your support, and we hope that in return we provide the leadership this club deserves.

We are going to try a different a different approach to the Bridge Towline reports for a while and see how it works. Instead of separate reports by each officer, we will consolidate our inputs in advance to reduce redundancy and be a little more cohesive. Also, we will borrow a page from Past Commodore Ray Norton to organize event information into Rear View to recap our recent events and Off the Bow to talk to the upcoming events. And hopefully, we will leave more page space available for other Executive Committee and Flag Officer inputs of interest to the club. Please let us know if you think this is working, or needs further course correction. This Towline is an effort in transition, but hopefully we will be in full stride next month.

Rear View

Opening Day festivities were a blast at Seattle and Queen City Yacht Clubs. Thursday was more about the boom of thunder and torrential downpours, but we had a great Cinco de Mayo putlock under the Queen City club cover. Thank you to Captains Steve and Deanna Brett for providing Ocean Jewel for the officer parade boat. It was exciting to see the boat and BYC officers on the news coverage of opening day. And congratulations to Captains Rick and Cindy Randall who took second place with Compadre in the Classic Boat parade category!

Congratulations to everyone who was recognized at the Annual Awards Night. Award winners are posted later in the Towline. Please take the opportunity to congratulate those recognized by Commodore Dan Saikkonen. And thank you to Captains Hillary Obenchain and Brenda Swygert for a great appetizer spread before the awards ceremony.

Change of Watch, from the Bridge Officer perspective, was very special - both inspiring and humbling at once. We were proud to recognize the efforts of those that served over the past year (or 3 years), and to welcome in our new leadership. We would especially like to thank both PC Don Park, who chaired the event, and Donna Park and the entire committee, who provided great food and beverage throughout the evening. Thank you to PC Leo Longenecker who presided as the installing officer, and, from your Commodore, I thank you for your indulgence as we shook things up a bit for me to be obligated and installed by my father, PC Bill Burwell. It was very special for Nina and me and my folks, but I noted a few other wet eyes as well. A great night, and thank you all.

Thank you to our new Fleet Captain, Dick and Carrie Haney. They bravely stepped up to follow Stacy and Leo Longenecker in that position and their first challenge was the Memorial Day Cruise-In at Quartermaster Harbor. These are two pairs of really big shoes to fill, but we trust Dick and Carrie with their tremendous energy and great new ideas, and we look forward to great Cruise-In events over the next year. Please be ready to join in on these events and help where you can. These are the best events we have as a club to get to know each other and share our boating and boat secrets and conundrums.

Off the Bow

As we wind down from the Memorial Day Cruise and the Change of Watch activities, the Commodore Ball is on top of us. We look forward to seeing everyone there to help celebrate the terrific job Past Commodore Dan and Rose Saikkonen have done, not only as Commodore, but in also in each of the past three years they spent on the Bridge. The club is a better place because of their accomplishments, as are their junior officers. Plan on a gorgeous early June evening with an opportunity to get dressed up a bit, enjoy a great meal, and have fun dancing to live music after. Thank you, Past Commodore Mike Murray, for putting on what we know will be a momentous event.

For the morning after, don't miss the "B" String party! A day on Bourbon Street without the airfare!

Other June events include two boating competitions, both on Saturday, 10 June. For those of you that rely on fabric to move you forward, there is the Blake Island Sail Race sponsored by the West Sound Sailing Association. On the same day, the International Power Boat Association will hold a predicted log race (navigation contest) out of Oro Bay. So, if you move by sail or power, you can learn more about these events from the Regatta Chairs for Sail and Power, Captains John Sprouse and Jim VanAntwerp, respectively.

We have our somewhat traditional parking lot sale on Saturday, 17 June. Captain Lynn Rumbold is organizing this opportunity for us to empty our sheds of equipment we no longer use, while at the same time improving our yacht readiness with somebody else's hand-me-downs. See if you can arrive and depart with the same dollars in your pocket and mass of equipment in your cart! (If so, you are a lucky soul!)

Finally, we have two additional social events in June. Our first Picnic in the Park will be "A Summer Shindig" on Wednesday, 21 June. The following weekend, we will cruise to Queen City Yacht Club's outstation in Eagle Harbor for our annual Big Brother Cruise. This event commemorates the special QCYC/BYC relationship since they brought us in to what is now the Grand 14. Please cheer the Commodore on so that he may retain the title of the sailing challenge (or hide your eyes!). Again, your Fleet Captain Dick Haney will be Coordinating this event and be posting event information shortly.

Thank you all for this first Bridge Officer installment of the 2017-2018 boating year,

John Burwell, Commodore

Phil LeBas, Vice Commodore

Sean Swansboro, Rear Commodore

Bremerton Yacht Club Bridge Officers