From the Bridge

Rear View

January was a good month to recover from the Holidays and get back into the normal business rhythm. For the Bridge, our activities began with the January Officer Cruise-In hosted by Queen City Yacht Club at their Eagle Harbor Outstation. This is one of the two times a year when all 42 officers and their partners get together. It was a great reunion that was highlighted by the Commodore Roast. The Commodores were each roasted by their Junior Officers who all were very successful at poking a little fun here and there at the various foibles of their intrepid leaders. Thank you to our Vice and Rear Commodores for having fun and not inflicting any mortal wounds!

We are writing this article as we prepare to depart for another fantastic Club Cruise to Brownsville under the guidance of Fleet Captains Dick and Carey Haney. Thanks to both of them for all the events they have planned that we are sure will be wildly successful and keep our minds off of the rainy weather.

Heavy Weather on Deck

Heavy Weather Weekend is upon us and we are looking forward to great participation from our Grand 14 brethren in both the Navigation and Skit Contests. The theme this year is "It's Five O'clock Somewhere" which we hope will provide room for plenty of creativity, both in your Saturday evening attire and the infamous skits put on by BYA and a number of visiting yacht clubs. We thank Captain Nena Andrews for rallying the Dockettes to open the evening festivities. They have been practicing hard and we expect quite a show. The full weekend schedule is shown in the flyer later in the Towline. The schedules for the Dockettes and Skit rehearsals and the Predicted Log skull sessions are on the Club Calendar. These skull sessions are very helpful for any first-time competitors in the Navigation Contest to get assists in the run-time predictions and strategies for running the course, and really allow anybody to jump in give it a shot. We hope to have a great BYC turnout to help keep this contest one of the great events of the IPBA circuit.

Off the Bow

As soon as we put Heavy Weather to bed, it is time to gear up for Daffodil and Seattle's Opening Day. The Daffodil theme this year is "Traditions in Bloom." BYC would like to follow-up their great Daffodil performance last year, having taken top awards with their Decorated Boat and second in the Officer Boat category, with another knockout showing. And you won't have to watch your Commodore do a Hula dance! (Sorry PC Saikkonen, some of us still have nightmares from last year ...)

The Seattle Yacht Club's Opening Day Trio will visit BYC during our annual St. Patrick's Day Dinner on March 19th. Come enjoy a traditional St. Paddy's meal and learn more about SYC's plans for their "Ocean Crossings" themed festivities. I know we'll have a good number of boats at the QCYC docks and there will be many events throughout the week for all to enjoy.

We can finally say Spring is Coming! We look forward to seeing you on the water.