Reports from the Bridge

December 2016

I would like to wish all the best as we all go about our various holiday celebrations.  BYC certainly has a full agenda that is well covered by the Commodore and Rear Commodore.  I would like to talk to two very special events: The Special Peoples Cruise and the Lighted Boat Parade.  Please find a way to participate in these any way that you can.  As those of you who have participated know, the Special Peoples Cruise is an extraordinary event that brings genuine joy to many kids and adults that have been challenged in life.  Their excitement in having the rare experience to go out on a big boat and then to see and talk to Santa is truly fun to see.  It brings out the best spirit of the holiday season for all of us.

The Lighted Boat Parade is a long-standing tradition that so much of our community enjoys.  Personally, I cannot recall a Christmas when I have not had my name called out by Santa.  In my childhood, we used to catch the parade at my grandparent’s home on Erlands Point and then race home to see them again as they passed Chico.  Since then, we have continued the tradition at both my folk’s and our home.  As Rear Commodore collecting the Christmas greetings for last year’s parade, I was amazed at how many other families have had equally long traditions built around our Lighted Boat Parade.  This is a great event to be enjoyed either on the water or with family and friends wherever you can see the water.

This is a very busy month.  Take time to give a little and be thankful for much.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

John Burwell, Vice Commodore