Reports from the Bridge

November 2016

Well, October came with dire threats of a storm of the century, but all was groovy and it did very little to detract from our Junior Officer Ball.  I have never seen so much color as not only the ballroom, but also most of those attending brought out their psychedelic best.  The visiting Rear and Vice Commodores from the Grand 14 yacht clubs braved the predicted winds (which turned out to be nothing) and enjoyed a tremendous reception put on by BYC.  We also had great participation from BYC members.  Heartfelt thanks to Stacy Longenecker for taking charge and putting a first class event together and also to Trina Carlson for a great dinner.  The evening was capped with a very enjoyable performance by the band Strawberry Fields.  If you had any affinity for music of the 60s and 70s (and no disco!), they really hit the mark.  Thank you to PCs Bob Wheeler and Bill Rumbold for crafting a Yellow Submarine that was so great the band took it home with them to display at their future gigs (and I don’t have to store it in my boat house!).  Thanks also to the PCs and first mates for putting on the Sunday breakfast for the visiting officers.  And finally, thank you to our members, not only for the help with the decorating and meals, and grooving out that evening, but also for contributing $387 to the Youth Sailing Program with our Beatle’s themed Cookie Jar  raffle (congrats to Joanne Gonzalez).

I hope you enjoyed the Seahawks Brunch on October 30th put on by Carrie Haney and Melinda Swansboro.  While there has already been plenty of drama for the 12th Man, I will avoid announcing the final score as I write this on October 18th.  And if you enjoyed the Seahawks game, come enjoy the Apple Cup viewing on November 25th.  Paul VanAmerongen is reprising his very successful event from last year.  And who would want to drive to Pullman when they can see the game at BYC?  (Go Dawgs!!)

The PCs are hosting their PC Autumn Breakfast this coming Sunday, November 6th.  This event is not a breakfast for the PCs, it is a breakfast for all club members hosted by the PCs.  Please come and enjoy their hospitality and a great breakfast.  Our PCs know really what they are doing when it comes to putting a meal together.

If you haven’t already heard, the BYC Annuals are available in the Club Store.  Please take a few minutes to review your personal and boat information.  Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, I took over the editing of the Annual this year late in the game.  I learned quickly that much of the Annual information was outdated, not because of the editor, but because members have not kept their information current.  The best time to update your information is now when you first see pictures or content that is not right.  Instructions for sending in updates are in the back of the annual.


Thank you all for all that you do for the club,

John Burwell, Vice Commodore.