Reports from the Bridge

February 2017

BYC Members,

I would like to thank Fleet Captain Stacey and PC Leo Longenecker for pulling together a last second BYC New Year’s Eve celebration.  I would also like to thank the chairs of several social events that made for a fun and busy January.  Captains Chris and Dick Haney hosted the Seahawk’s playoff viewing party that was much more successful than the game itself.  Captain Melinda Swansboro hosted a brand-new event, the Mermaid & Bubbles Paint Night which revealed our budding artists in the club.  And Captain Lynetta Halffman brought back an old favorite, the Crab Feed.  Thank you all!

Heavy Weather is just ahead and, like my fellow bridge officers, I encourage you to participate in the social events as well as the race itself, either as a racer, navigator, or observer.  Nothing like a cruise around Blake Island in February to get you dreaming about spring time!

And speaking of spring, now is the time for us to begin thinking about the BYC year ahead.  Past Commodore Mike Murray as agreed to chair the nominating committee this year.  He will be looking to provide nominations for each of our elected offices: Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and the first-year positions on the Executive Committee (Chair, Planning and Budget).  Additionally, we will be looking to fill the many Flag and standing committee chair positions.  There are 37 positions under the Bridge as well as another 20 under the Executive Committee.  There are many ways for people to kick in and we rely on these people every day at the club.  Think about the ways you would like to contribute and please let us any of us know your interests.

Looking forward to seeing you at the many events and around the docks as we start prepping for another cruising season.

John Burwell, Vice Commodore