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Reports from the Bridge

December 2016

Hey Shipmates!

The club house is ready for the Holidays! Let the fun begin! Thank you to Sharon Lillybridge and all the people (28 in all) that showed to help with decorating the club house for the Holidays. We had a great time and it was done in short order.

The Holiday lineup begins with the kid’s Breakfast with Santa on Saturday, 3 December @ 0900. Santa is arriving after breakfast and will pass out presents for the kids. Sign up and bring wrapped presents, clearly labeled with the children’s names. Bev Bruins is chairing this event. Contact Bev if you would like to help.

Santa will be making an appearance at the Club Christmas Dinner Sunday, 11 December at 16:00 to pass out “gifts” for deserving Members. Club elves that want to see that special person get that special gift, contact Santa’s answering service (RC Santa-360-286-3418).

This year’s Lighted Boat Parade is Friday and Saturday, 16 and 17 December. The Skipper’s Meeting will be @1700 FRI night and Underway @1745, parade starts @1810 both nights. After return to port on FRI night, spiced rum and apple cider will be the warming beverage for the parade participants. We had a great turnout last year. The parade is a great opportunity to see the xmas decorations along the shore and entertain prospective club members. It is a fun time for skippers and guests. Sign-up sheet for participating boats is in the clubhouse.

Then after all the festivities are over, the Clubhouse “Un-Decorating” Party will be Saturday, 1 January starting at noon. Pizza and beer (and left over cheer) will be provided. Sign up in the clubhouse.

Nautical Lore: Two Blocked (chockablock)- Any hoist that is taken to the extreme so that the blocks meet and can travel no farther. A common usage today means a person’s schedule is completely full, with no room to add more .Also: two block, chockablock.

— Phil LeBas, Rear Commodore

"… True shipmates are those Sailors with whom you make lifetime friendships that can never be compared to anything…”

NCCM(SW) C. R. (Corky) Johnson- deceased