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Reports from the Bridge

October 2016

Hey Shipmates! Fall is here!

Norm Smith is the next Distinguished Member that I would like to recognize with special parking. Norm has been a member for a REALLY long time and has always been involved in meaningful, substantial ways. In recent history he completed three years on the E-committee, spent a couple(?) years as Work Party chairman, is a very active member of the Marina Sustainment committee, repairing docks, and most recently spearheading the A-string reconfiguration (which looks awesome!), And I can’t begin to claim to know everything he does or has done around the club. He has been around way too long to do that in this short space. Norm, park with a smile! You are appreciated.

Susan and I are looking forward to the JO Ball in a couple of weeks on Oct.15, despite having to wear a costume…I do love that so. Please join us. It will be a fun time and costumes are encouraged, not required of BYC club members. That said, I am offering a prize to a BYC member for the best Beatles or Beatles groupie costume that evening.

And then there is all the fall and winter cruising that Leo and Stacey have planned. I think winter boating is the best. Cooler weather, lighter crowds…you can't beat it. Sign up for the cruises. Let’s get underway!

Naval Proverbs:

When the sea is calm, every ship has a good captain.

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.

— Phil LeBas, Rear Commodore

"… True shipmates are those Sailors with whom you make lifetime friendships that can never be compared to anything…”

NCCM(SW) C. R. (Corky) Johnson- deceased