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Reports from the Bridge

August 2016

Hey Shipmates! Summer is here!

I want to thank Jan Cordodor and her committee for planning and executing the July Picnic. An early press time for the Towline prevents me from providing a long list of details about how awesome things were. But looking at the weather forecast it is looking like it is going to be a great day.

The August picnic, chaired by PC Don Park is the Annual Pig Roast and is set for Sunday, August 21st @ 1PM. For $10 (half that for kids under 11) there will be pit BBQ’d Pork, potato salad, baked beans and chips. Everyone is being asked to bring additional side dishes or dessert based on the first letter of your last name. A-M bring a side dish and N-Z a dessert. Signup in the clubhouse. We don’t want to be having fun without you.

The weekend of August 12-14, BYC will be hosting all the Bridge Officers of the Grand 14. This is going to be a busy weekend as the Rear Commodores will be arriving Friday afternoon when we will be working at getting to know each other and get organized for the coming three years. The Commodores and Vice Commodores arrive on Saturday about noon, when they will begin to school us new Rear Commodores on how to have fun…that is a high bar if you ask me.

With the expected 30+ visiting boats for this weekend, we are going to be needing some help with moorage. If any member is planning on being out of the marina for that weekend, it would be greatly appreciated if we could know so that we can work a plan for mooring all the visitors. Please contact myself ( / 360.286.3418) or Capt Jim Minard ( / (360) 471-9989) to let us know your plans and slip availability.

PC2 Leo Longenecker has taken over my parking spot at the club as a Distinguished Member. I wanted to acknowledge Leo for his MANY years of service to the club. Having gone through the chairs twice, serving on the Ecommittee in multiple capacities, and most recently, reworking the A-string electrical in preparation for the reconfiguration, and being the go-to person for executing the actual work on the railway timber replacement. And I didn’t even mention all the club officer positions he has held. And I am sure there are more to add to be complete. Leo, park with a smile!

Naval Trivia

Fudge (as used in expressions like "fudging the books"): This expression is believed to come from a Captain Fudge, also known as "Lying Fudge" who was a notorious liar in the 17th Century.

— Phil LeBas, Rear Commodore

"… True shipmates are those Sailors with whom you make lifetime friendships that can never be compared to anything…”

NCCM(SW) C. R. (Corky) Johnson- deceased