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Reports from the Bridge

February 2017

Hey Shipmates!

I was hoping for some relaxation and peaceful boating after the holidays but then I looked at the calendar. Heavy Weather is approaching fast and there is a flurry of activity to be ready and more is planned. I would encourage everyone to take a break from whatever you are doing and go to the Seattle Boat Show. For many years Susan and I always looked forward to doing that and found ourselves wandering around thinking “if I had a boat…”

Sign up for Heavy Weather. Earn some points by helping on the docks, fire watch or a meal committee. Come for dinner FRI night. On SAT, join us for dinner, the skits and Dockettes.  And ease into SUN with breakfast at the club. There are a lot of people working very hard to organize and put on a good event. Take advantage of the opportunity, see what all the fuss is about and meet someone new.

Something to think about…

“I could not tread these perilous paths in safety, if I did not keep a saving sense of humor. “

Admiral Horatio Nelson, British Navy

“Passive inactivity, because you have not been given specific instructions to do this or to do that, is a serious deficiency.”

General George C. Marshall, US Army

— Phil LeBas, Rear Commodore

"… True shipmates are those Sailors with whom you make lifetime friendships that can never be compared to anything…”

NCCM(SW) C. R. (Corky) Johnson- deceased