Reports from the Bridge

April 2017

Yeah, Spring is finally here. What a wonderful way to kick it off with our St Patty's Cruise to Bremerton Marina. As always Fleet Captain Stacy & PC Leo Longenecker provided yet another enjoyable weekend of outstanding fellowship. They even got a break in the rain, and actually had a bit of sunshine. To be followed up by the St Patrick's Dinner, hosted by Captains Dick & Carrie Haney. With the help of our ever-appreciated SOCIAL Members Al & Joanne Gonzalez. Then the Seattle Trio's presentation on Seattle Opening Day. What a night.

We are making GREAT progress on our Club Float for the Daffodil Festival April 21st - 23rd. A BIG thanks to our Fleet Captain Stacy & PC Leo Longenecker and Rear Commodore Phil & Susan LeBas for making this all come together. Vice Commodore John & Nina Burwell graciously offered up their boat, Gavia, to be used for our Float. Also, a SPECIAL Thank you to Lee Anne Derror for providing Sapphire for the Officer's Boat in the Sunday Parade.

Be sure to get signed up for the Seattle Opening Day PARTY on the Docks at our Big Brother, Queen City Yacht Club. There are several of us that go over Wednesday & Thursday May 3rd & 4th to get the party on early.

In closing a quote from Benjamin Franklin: "In wine there is Wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria." I'm for Wisdom & Freedom, lets PARTY!

We look forward to seeing everyone at our events and around the Club,

Commodore Dan Saikkonen