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Reports from the Bridge

Jul 2015

We write you from one of the few places we have found limited wi-fi access, in Ocean Falls, northwest from Bella Bella in the central British Columbia coast area. This has been quite a trip so far. We took full measure of Commodore Murray’s urging to get out and cruise and left the club shortly after installation and before getting a lot of the Rear Commodore summer duties taken care of. My thanks to Vice Commodore Saikkonen and Commodore Murray for covering for me so that Nina and I could do this trip that we had planned since last fall. As such, I have little news about the summer picnics in the park – I will let Dan fill you in – but I do have updates from the cruise and hopefully I won’t take too much thunder from the Regatta Chair for Power report.

The initial part of this cruise was centered on predicted log racing. Every five years, the International Power Boat Association organizes a log race from our area to Alaska. This has been known in the past as the Capital to Capital Race (Olympia to Juneau) and Alaska 1000 (as in 1000 miles from start to finish). This year, the race commenced with the first leg traveling up the west and north sides of Camano Island, then completing three more legs to the half-way point in Shearwater, BC, then four legs for the second half finishing in Wrangell, Alaska. Along the way, the International Cruiser Race, an annual event, was competed out of Anacortes. I will let CAPT Randall pass on the results of the races in his report.

This was the first time that Nina and I have cruised with a group of boats, and it was a fun experience for us. We had fourteen boats participating in the Alaska cruise, including Peachy Kean, Ocean Jewel, and Sarah B with the now notorious "Three Boys from Bremerton" as they became known – slayers of fish, log races, and dinghy parades! (Guess who keeps an Elvis wig on their boat?) At the halfway point, Sarah B and we departed from the cruise in order to return south for each of our commitments.

Nina and I are now exploring the central BC coast on our own, for the first time, and will enjoy some extended time in the Broughtons also before returning home in late July. We are very grateful for the opportunity to have represented BYC in the IPBA race/cruise as far as Shearwater, are looking forward to some solo cruising in new waters, and also to getting home and enjoying the height of summer and participating in late summer BYC activities. I hope this letter finds you all similarly blessed in your ventures and will see you in August.

John Burwell
Rear Commodore