Reports from the Bridge

Nov 2015

The busiest time of our club year is fast approaching. Note the calendar and the following events, Fuel card class, PC breakfast, New Members Q and A night, club decorating, all in November followed by Family Christmas Party, Special Peoples Cruise, Club Christmas Dinner and the Lighted Boat parade. October saw a very well attended Octoberfest courtesy of PC Bob and Jytte Wheeler, a 60s party at the club for those that turned 60 this year, the first fall log race and the Halloween Cruise to Port Orchard. There is plenty of opportunity for all to chip in and help.

For our new members the club extends a very warm welcome. We are glad you chose to join what many to consider this jewel in the Pacific Northwest. This club is much more than a marina. First off we are a club and you chose to join because you liked what you saw. As you survey the docks and grounds please come to appreciate that much of what you see was accomplished by members just like you. They contributed their time, talent and fellowship to build and maintain much of what comprises BYC. The same goes for our wonderful outstation at Oro Bay as well. The shop, railway, superb picnic shelter, portable and stationary pumpouts, fuel stations, dock maintenance, club cover, club remodel, new deck, grounds maintenance…all of these terrific attributes did not just happen. Our members designed, purchased, built, installed and care for most everything you see.

I say this not to induce a guilt trip but to let you know how it was done and with your contributions you too can share the pride in a job well done. Our members, shipmates if you will, form a friendly and hard working group eager to have you share the same pride of ownership. I urge you to take advantage of the Friday February 13 new members Q and A session starting at 5:30PM. There is so much to learn about the club, so much to take advantage of with more knowledge of how we accomplish all that we do that this one session would be a great step forward on that journey of club know how.

Our current shipmates are familiar with this next refrain of mine but it bears repeating. I have owned and operated recreational vessels in Florida, Rhode Island, California, and Washington, pretty much the four corners of our wonderful United Sates. Not only do we live near the greatest cruising grounds in the country and certainly some of the best in the entire world and can do it year round but this club is a very bright star in the yacht club universe. Thanks again for joining our crew and enjoy the voyage.

Nautical Trivia: Taken Aback - One of the hazards faced in days of sailing ships has been incorporated into English to describe someone who has been jolted by unpleasant news. We say that person has been "taken aback." The person is at a momentary loss; unable to act or even to speak. A danger faced by sailing ships was for a sudden shift in wind to come up (from a sudden squall,) blowing the sails back against the masts, putting the ship in grave danger of having the masts break off and rendering the ship totally helpless. The ship was taken aback.

Mike Murray